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Not all who wander are lost …

Why bother creating this website? Why not? I like hacking around on computers (the original definition of tinkering with them, not the modern cracking that usurped the proper meaning) and wanted to create something for my own pleasure. If no one else on the planet ever sees this, I don't care.

Beaglebone Black picture

First, I wanted to see if my little $40 (at the time) Beaglebone Black single-board computer could cut it as an always-on server, and the short answer is that it worked very well. For more information about the computers that run this web site, visit the servers page.

Fan Chart

The second reason for this website's existence is to display all the genealogical information I have found about my family tree. I am grateful to the many online sources that have freely shared data; they have helped me fill in a significant number of holes. I hope that putting all the information I've collected back online will help others benefit while doing their own research.

Will posing

The third reason is to give us an excuse to show off our dogs. We currently have one flat-coated retriever (often two, plus three cats), so this site gives us a chance to do our own “Brags & Wags”. The dogs have their own website now: https://flatcoats.duckdns.org. Please click on the link or on the picture of Will (right) to go there.

There is also a vague fourth reason: in the modern era of the World Wide Web that is dominated by walled gardens like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc., the original purpose of the Web has been lost—to link and share information. This website is deliberately anachronistic so as to protest the “walled gardens” of the Web. I suppose they they all serve a useful purpose (and some not-so-useful ones), but the original point of the Web was “Hey, go over there for their cool things”, not “Stay here for our cool things (so we get more hits on our advertising links)”.

Why “illuminated”? I love looking at illuminated manuscripts. Though I am unlikely to ever own one of my own, I can traipse over to the Huntington Library to get my fix. My website background picture is a photograph I took of a Middle English psalter (Richard Maydestone, d. 1396, mss. likely early 15th century, HM 142 (Bement)) at the Huntington. An official photograph is at the Digital Scriptorium Database, but I like mine better :-) — the gold leaf is more reflective.

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To contact me, you must do some work to prove you are a human in order to find my email address. Copy the code in the box below, follow this link to get to an interactive language shell, paste the code into the Program Code box, type “<” into the Input box, then press the Run button. The address will appear in the Output box.

Last update: 2021-04-11