Herr, John 1

Birth Name Herr, John
Gender male
Age at Death 80 years


Information Source: O.F. Harr Family Record, Mary A. Hartman.

In the year 1593, John Herr, Lord of Bilried, obtained from Emperor Fernidad
in Schwabiish Hall, a written testimonial providing for his flourishing
family; their coat of arms, their free and noble descent and for this to be
passed on to future generations.

Recorded in the Register on Noble Families, with their coat of Arms:

Reitaps Armorial Generale, Book 5, Page 258:

BILRIED, HERR(N) von - 1593 - Schwabish Hall (Wurtenburg/Baden) a
facsimile of the arms appears on St. Mikels Church in the town square.


Family of Herr, John

Name Birth Date Death Date
Herr, Hans Christian3 May 16083 May 1659

Family Map

Family Map


    1. Herr, John
        1. Herr, Hans Christian

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