Pawling, Isaac 1 2 3

Birth Name Pawling, Isaac
Gender male


1880 Census
Name Relationship to Head of House Age
Isaac Pawling Self 67
Sarah Pawling Wife 56
George K. Pawling Son 26
Kate A. Pawling Daughter 22
Walter A. Pawling Son 20


Things kind of fall apart beyond this Isaac. His father is listed as Isaac (1784-1827) and mother as Barbara Wampole (1789-?), but there is plenty of evidence that they were born in the 1750s. However, the Wampole genealogy book puts Barbara Wampole slightly after 1782, so who knows!

Another source ( notes that "Isaac Morgan Pawling" was born to Isaac II and Barbara Wampole in 1812, and that his wife was Mary Ann Wasson. I very much doubt that our Isaac (1811) was the same person.

The situation is so confused that I have deleted the link between Isaac (1811) and Isaac (1784) and Barbara (1789) as of Nov 2019 unless I can discover new information. The only good reason to think there is a direct link to the older Pawlings is that one of his sons (a brother of our George K) was named Levi Bull Pawling. Elizabeth Pawling (1718), daughter of Henry Jr and Jacomyntjen Kunst married Richard Bull Sr, so perhaps there is some non-obvious connection between the two.


First wife was Eliza Kettleman, 1814-09-27 to 1846-07-20


At (not that I trust it farther than I can throw it):

Born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA on 17 Dec 1811 to Isaac Pawling and Barbara Wampole. [which is already likely wrong!] Isaac Pawling married Sarah Jane Peoples and had 6 children. He passed away on November 24, 1895 in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Could this be a third wife?

However, says

Morgan Pawling
Also Known As: "Isaac Pawling", "Morgan Pawling", "Isaac Jr. Pawling", "Morgon Pauling", "Isaac M Pauling", "Isaac Pilling", "Isaac M Pawling", "Morgan Pauline"
Birthdate: circa 1815
Birthplace: Pennsylvania, USA
Death: September 27, 1879 (59-68)
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This Morgan appears to have d. abt 1866, and married Sarah Jane Peoples. I need to dig in further to ensure I tie the correct people together."

So this seems unlikely.




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 17 September 1811 Chester Co., Pennsylvania, United States of America    


Family of Pawling, Isaac and Kettleman, Eliza

Married Wife Kettleman, Eliza ( * 27 September 1814 + 20 July 1846 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 4 February 1836      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Pawling, John Davis31 July 1839
Pawling, Levi Bull2 April 1842
Pawling, Isaac Downing23 October 1844

Family of Pawling, Isaac and Kilhefner, Mary

Married Wife Kilhefner, Mary ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage after 1846      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Pawling, Sarah E.9 January 1848
Pawling, George K.25 March 18547 February 1932
Pawling, Catharine A.21 September 1857
Pawling, Walter A.28 August 1860

Family Map

Family Map