Schmidt, Nicholas 1 2

Birth Name Schmidt, Nicholas
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years, 2 months, 19 days



From the biography on Nicholas Smith/Schmidt Jr (1820-1900); son of Nicholas Smith/Schmidt (1796-1865)

" ..Nicholas Smith Sr was also born in Saarbruck and was a tailor by trade. He married Christina Schuler a native of the same 1ocality who spent her entire life in the Father- land. After her death Mr. Smith came to this country with our subject (Nicholas Smith 1820-1900) and settled in Buffalo, NY where he followed his trade until his death.

In the family were seven children; Mary now deceased, Nicholas, Catherine wife of Christian Thomas a farmer of Fremont Township, Margaret who resides in Buffalo NY, Elizabeth who died in that city and Michael a farmer of Hamburg, NY."

From the bio on Thomas & Catherina Smith/Schmidt Thomas (1822-1907); daughter of Nicholas Smith/Schmidt (1796-1865)

"Mr. Thomas chose as a partner on life's journey Miss Catherina daughter of Nicholas Schmidt who was born in Prussia in 1793. He married Christina Schuyler who was born in Prussia in 1798. Their union was celebrated in 1823 and the mother died in 1839 at the age of forty five years. Mr Schmidt was a tailor by trade and was compelled to report for two weeks each year to the German army and hold himself in readiness to enter the ranks if his services were needed.

Finally he crossed the Atlantic to America & died in Buffalo in 1865. Mrs Thomas was also born in the Kingdom of Prussia and was the third in a family of seven children; viz Mary now deceased, Nicholas, Catherina the next younger, Margaret of Buffalo NY, Michael who is married and follows farming in Hamburg NY, Elizabeth and John both deceased."

Portrait & Biographical Album of Lake County, Ill
January 1, 1891
Lake City Publishing Company


Family of Schmidt, Nicholas and Schuyler, Christina

Married Wife Schuyler, Christina ( * 29 May 1791 + 19 December 1837 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Schmidt, Michael24 June 182627 November 1892

Family Map

Family Map


    1. Schmidt, Nicholas
      1. Schuyler, Christina
        1. Schmidt, Michael