Volckert, Christofel 1 2

Birth Name Volckert, Christofel
Gender male
Age at Death 78 years, 9 months, 8 days


Anglicized to Christopher Folkerth.



Christopher FOLKERTH

(Bef 24 Feb 1737 - 3 Dec 1815)
Per Egbert Risch, Christoph is Dick Fulkerth's ancestor.

Below is a transcription of a 1790 deed of Christopher Fulkerth. I think you will find it very interesting reading. It does establish that Christopher had married Margaret by 1790.

I have requested a copy of the land patent from the Pennsylvania Archives. I believe the land was originally warranted to Margaret's father. But, this is merely conjecture at this point. Can't wait to get the original patent and see what is up.

Fulkerth, Christian, 1790, Book P2 p.68-71, Chester County Deeds, Chester County Archives, West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Christopher Fulkerth & wife to John Morels [Moses?]

This Indenture Made the Eighteenth day of September in the year of our lord one thousand seven Hundred and Ninety Between Christopher Fulkerth of the Township of East Nantmel in the county of Chester in the State of Pennsylvania Yeoman and Margaret his wife of the one part And John Morels of the same place Yeoman of the other part Whereas the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by a Patent under the Hand of George Rofs Esqr did present of the Supreme Executive Council and the State Seal thereunto affirm in Council bearing date the fifth day of August last past did grant and confim unto the said Christopher Fulkerth a certain Tract of land called Fulkersburg Situate in the township of East Nantmel containing two hundred and Seventy two acres and a quarter and the allowance of six PCent for Roads be as in and by the said recited Patent Inrolled in the Rolls Office for the State of Pennsylvania in Patent Book No. H [16?] Page 354 Relation being thereunto had witt fully and at large appear Now this Indenture Witnesseth that the said Christopher Fulkerth and Margaret his wife for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred Pounds in gold and silver money to them in hand well and truly paid by the said John Morels at and before the Sealing and delivery here of the Receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and thereof do acquit and discharge the said John Morels his heirs and assigns by these presents Have granted Bargained sold released and confirmed and by these presents do grant Bargain sell release and confirm unto the said John Morets and to his heirs and assigns a certain Plantation and Tract of land situate in the said Township of Eastnantmel Beginning at a heap of Stones thence by land of Christopher Knower South Seventy five degrees west sixteen perches to a stone thence by lands of John Knower land said to be vacant and lands of Ruller [Rutter?] and Potts North Eleven degrees and a half West one hundred and sixty perches to a fallen Black Oak thence by George Rimes Land North Eighty two degrees East twenty six perches to a rock North seven degrees and a half west one hundred forty two perches to apost north eighty six degrees East one hundred and thirty five perches to a Black Oak South two degrees and a half East twentyone perches an half to a hickory and North eighty Eight degrees east twenty four perches to a Stone thence by Henry Kipleys land and Land of Ruller and Potts south seven degrees East one hundred and fifty two perches to a fallen Chestnut Tree thence by land of Thomas Rutter South Sixty three degrees West one hundred and three perches and a half to a Stone and South six degrees East eighteen perches to a Black thence by other land of the said Christopher Fulkerth south fifty seven degrees west one hundred and twenty perches to a heap of Stones and south six degrees East fifteen perches to the place of Beginning containing two hundred and fifty two acres and a quarter and allowance of six PCent for Roads.

[It being part of the above mentioned two Hundred and seventy two acres and a quarter conveyed to the said Christopher Fulkerth as aforesaid] Together with all and Singular The Ways, Woods, Waters water courses Rights Memt[] Improvements Hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining and accersions and remainders Rents [] and Profits thereof and all the Estate Right Tille Interest use possession Property claim and Demand whatsoever both at law and in Equity or otherwise howsoever of them the said Christopher Fulkerth and Margaret his wife of in and to the same To have and to hold the said two Hundred and fifty two acres and a quarter of an acre of Land and the allowance above described Hereditaments and Premises hereby Granted or mentioned or intended so to be with the appertenances unto the said John Morels and his heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behoof of the said John Morets his heirs and assigns forever and the said Christopher Fulkerth for himself his Executors and administrators did Covenant Promise and grant to and with the said John Morets his heirs and assigns by these presents that he the said Christopher Fulkerth and his heirs the said two Hundred and fifty two acres and a quarter of an acre of land above described Hereditaments and promises hereby granted or mentioned or intended so to be with the appurtenances unto the said John Morels his heirs and assigns against him the said Christopher Fulkerth and Margaret his wife and their Heirs and against all and Every other person or persons whomsoever lawfully prtaining or to claim by from or under him her them or any or either of them shall and will warrant and forever Defend. In Witness whereof the said parties to these presents have interchangably set their hands and seals hereunto dated the day and year first above written Christopher folkerth Margaret Folkerth Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Dan Griffiths, Rebecca Griffiths Received of the above named John Morels the sum of four hundred pounds in gold and Silver money it being the consideration money above mentioned in full. Christopher folkerth, Margaret Folkerth Witness present at Signing Michael Jordan Jacob Morels the fifth day of October Anno Domini 1790 Before me Dan Griffith Esqr one of the Justices for the County of Chester came the above named Christopher Fulkirth and Margaret his wife and did acknowledge the above written Indenture to be their act and deed and desired the same might be recorded as such according to law She the said Margaret being of full age and Secretly and apart from her said Husband by me examined and the contents of the said Indenture duly made known unto her did declare and say that she Voluntarily consented thereto. Witness my Hand and Seal the day and year aforesaid Dan Griffiths Recorded September 5th 1797. [Book P2 p.68-71, Chester County Deeds, Chester County Archives, West Chester, Pennsylvania. Transcribed by Liz Stratton, July 2002]

This may be Christofel Volckarth, no age listed, arrrived Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1754 per Ralph Strassburger's Pennsylvania German Pioneers , R974.8 S897P, volume 1, 1727-1775, page 610, page 611, page 613.... listed as Christoffel Folgart, Christofel Volckerth. Imported in the Ship Brothers, Capt. Wm. Muir, from Rotterdam, 30 Sept 1754.

Rupp's Collection of Upwards of 30,000 Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776 lists: Sept 30, 1754, Ship Brothers, William Muir, Captain, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. Inhabitants from the Palatinate and Mentz, seven Roman Catholics, twenty-seven Mennonites, 251 passengers. Christophel Volckrath, Johan Nicolaus Stimmel, Daniel Ott,

There are deeds in which Christopher Folkerth was a witness, abstracted at the Chester Co., PA, USGENWEB site:

SHUSTER, JACOB. East Nantmeal.
February 1, 1777. April 23, 1777.
To brother's son Philip Jacob £6. To brother's daughter Sievela £5.
To sister's son Wm. Berat £6.10. To Geo. Keim £10. All other
personal estate and lands to wife, also Executrix. Letters to
Catherine Shuster. Wit: Christopher Folkerth, Kiny. Beerbower.

ROATS, MARTIN. East Nantmeal.
June 26, 1777. August 16, 1777.
To 6 daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Catharine, Hannah, Christina and
Margaret all moveable estate to be equally divided. To son Jacob when
21, 2 shares of real estate and the third share to 6 daughters above
named. Executors: Christopher Folkerth and Powell Pearson.
Wit: Phineas Bertbour, Geo. Gross.


Birth Bef 24 Feb 1737 Bruchhausen, Baden, Germany
Baptism 24 Feb 1737 Bruchhausen, Baden, Germany
Marriage Bef 1790 Margaret RAFESNIDER
Death 3 Dec 1815 Frederick Co., Maryland
Burial Aft 3 Dec 1815 Union Pipe Creek, Carroll Co, Maryland
Alt name Christopher VOLCKERT

Spouse Margaret RAFESNIDER (1768 - 1837)




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 24 February 1737 Germany    
Death 3 December 1815 Frederick Co., Maryland, United States of America    


Family of Volckert, Christofel

Name Birth Date Death Date
Folkerth, Catherine1823


    1. Volckert, Christofel
        1. Folkerth, Catherine