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Birth Name Denger, Christoph
Gender male
Age at Death about 45 years, 2 months, 12 days


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The following is extracted verbatim from the “Tanger-Metzger Genealogy with a record of the descendants of John and Catherine (Metzger) Tanger, 1773-1950” by Frederick S. Weiser (Gettysburg, Penn., 1955). pages 1-2.

The Tanger-Metzger Genealogy states that "subsequent records of their [Christoph & Anna's] children indicate that Christoph became a citizen of Appenhofen, a village of perhaps two hundred inhabitants, so small that it could not support its own church. It did, however, have an inn, or tavern, named the "Gruener Baum," or "Green Tree," of which Christoph was keeper."

"Not all of Christoph's friends were good ones, however; for he encountered some difficulty which led to his arrest, trial, and hanging. Unfortunately, only the index of the trial records has been preserved. It states that on January 8, 1749, the trial of Christoph Denger of Appenhofen and of George Nicholas Lindenmeyer of Schwanhain was initiated, and the sentence passed on January 18, that both, "for well-deserved punishment and to serve as an awful example to others of their kind are to be executed by the rope from life to death."

"The exact nature of the crime is undisclosed, but it should be remembered that many more crimes were punishable by death at that time than now. It seems possible that, in the course of innkeeping, Christoph had occasion to befriend or protect thieves. His death was within the Church, however, and the pastor at Billigheim made a lengthy notation in the Lutheran parish records which sheds more light on the hanging:"

Christoph Dengert, former citizen and innkeeper of the "Green Tree" at Appenhofen, who was tempted by the devil and his helpers to associate with thieves, after having been imprisoned at Klingemuenster since the 3rd day after Whitsunday (June 4, 1748) of last year, together with another one was fetched on March 11 of this year and brought to Germersheim, where, according to sentence and right, he was hanged on the 13 inst. his name-day. (But St. Christopher's Day is March 15.) Thank God, who blessed him with much joy and fortitude of faith. The previous day, to prepare him for his way, from my hands he received the Lord's holy supper. During the leading out, which lasted for 4 whole hours, because the Catholic delinquent, whom we didn't see before arriving at the place of execution, marched very slowly, more than 20 of the finest Evangelical Lutheran hymns with application, etc., were sung and when entering the circle it was intonated, "Now we are praying to the Holy Spirit," but only the first verse of it was sung. After the publishing of the sentence, upon my request he thanked the Lord and our most gracious sovereign and repeatedly recommended to me his wife and children, that the latter should be raised in his religion which is so much a consolation to him. Whereupon under constant cheering up he died without much pain!


Husband of Anna Catharina (Stumkellers) Denger — married 15 Feb 1729 in Evangelische Kirche, Billigheim, Pfalz, Bavaria



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1704 Minderslachen, Bavaria, Germany    
Death 13 March 1749 Germersheim, Bavaria, Germany    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Denger, Matthias
         Denger, Christoph about 1704 13 March 1749


Family of Denger, Christoph and Stumkeller, Anna Cathrina

Married Wife Stumkeller, Anna Cathrina ( * 29 April 1708 + 27 November 1797 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 15 February 1729 Appenhofen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dengert, Andrew Andreas20 April 174327 August 1823

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