van Landeghem, Michael 1

Birth Name van Landeghem, Michael
Gender male
Age at Death less than 57 years, 3 months, 18 days


Marriage fact: 20 SEP 1664 Naturalized a citizen of Virginia
Fact 2: NOV 1668 Paid a bounty of 400 lbs. of tobacco for trapping "a wolf in a pitt"
Event: Ethnicity/Relig. Huguenot (protestant)

Left for America in the mid-17th century

Naturalized a citizen of Virginia on September 20, 1664 (NORTHUMBIA COLLECTIONS. 1645-1720, M-Z, Vol. 20)

Source: Provided by family (source of sketch unknown)

Historical and Biographical Sketch of the Van Langingham, Van Laningham, Van Landingham Family

ORIGIN - The distinguished name of Van Langingham, of which Van Laningham and Van Landingham are variants, is of Scandinavian Dutch origin, meaning "long town, or village". This surname was taken from the German element LANG, meaning "town", and the Old English HAM, meaning "township, or village". Probably some ancestor came from a town which was of unusual length, and therefore derived his name.

This surname is in a class of family names that are of local origin, derived from the names of towns, cities, and landed estates. A glance through our atlas will reveal that many names of towns and places are also common as family names. Names ending in: berg, don, dun, ham, ford, ley, stow, thorp, thwaite, and worth are usually of local derivation, and in many cases the progenitors of families bearing such names came from, or lived nearby, the places indicated by their surnames.

The Dutch prefixes Van, Van Der, and the French De did not refer to parentage or ancestry, but simply denoted the locality where the family originated. Thus, Van Buren, "from the town of Buren"; Van Ostrand, "from the east coast"; De Neville, "from the city of Neville". The suffixes Cock, and Cox were occasionally added in the case of English surnames to designate parentage: Simcox, "little Sim". KIN placed after a surname implied lineage: Wilkin, "family, or kin, of Will"; and Tompkin, "kin of Tom".


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth from 1619 to 1654 Flanders, Belgium    
Naturalization 20 September 1664      
Death before 19 April 1676      


Family of van Landeghem, Michael and Unknown, Elizabeth (wife of Michael van Landeghem)

Married Wife Unknown, Elizabeth (wife of Michael van Landeghem) ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1668      
Name Birth Date Death Date
VanLandingham, Francis13 December 16661740

Family Map

Family Map