Good, Elizabeth D. 1

Birth Name Good, Elizabeth D.
Gender female
Age at Death 82 years, 4 months, 15 days



Notes for Samuel B Gehman and Elizabeth Good

1886 Samuel B. Gehman, age 26, and Elizabeth D. Good, age 19, were married on October 19, 1886, in Reading Twp, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Samuel B. Gehman, child of John and Lydia, was born in 1860 in America. Elizabeth D. Good, child of Mary Ann Good, was born in America. [1]

1913 Samuel B Gehman, son of John Gehman and Lydia Bowman, died, at age 52 on August 1, 1913, in Brecknock Twp, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Samuel B Gehman was born on September 7, 1860, in Brecknock Berks County. (Death certificate: 76468). [2]

1949 Elizabeth Pawling, daughter of Jacob B Good and Mary Ann Donahower, spouse of George Pawling, died, at age 82 on October 16, 1949, in Reading Twp, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Pawling was born on June 1, 1867, in Berks County, Pennsylvania. (Death certificate: 85152). [3]

A biosketch [4] of Samuel Gehman and Elizabeth Good reports:

Samuel B. Gehman, son of John and brother of Peter B., was born on his father's farm in Cumru township Sept. 7, 1860. He was reared upon the farm, and began for himself in the same line of work in 1887, on a farm be longing to his mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Ann Good (widow of Jacob Good), and there he has continued to make his home. He is progressive in his methods, and as a truck farmer he has proved himself one of the very best. He raises all kinds of vegetables, fruits and berries, and attends the Reading market three times a week in the summer and twice in the winter, having stands Nos. 19-20 in the Crystal Palace market, and Nos. 114-115 at Kissinger's market. His farm of forty-seven acres has a rich, black sandy soil, well adapted for profitable trucking. He has a large hot house in which he raises his early vegetables. He and his family belong to the Mennonite Church, attending the Allegheny Meeting House.

In 1886 Samuel B. Gehman was married to Elizabeth Good, born June 1, 1867, daughter of Jacob B. and Mary Ann (Donehower) Good. Four children have blessed this marriage, namely: Edwin, born Aug. 6, 1888; Edith, born in 1904, died aged twenty days; Marie, born April 8, 1905; and. Samuel, born March 21, 1907.

1994 An obituary of Samuel G Gehman, son of Samuel B Gehman and Elizabeth (Good) Gehman, reported his death in 1994. [5]


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Citation: Robert and Janet Chevalley Wolfe, Janet and Robert Wolfe
Genealogy, "Notes for Samuel B Gehman and Elizabeth Good"



Family of Gehman, Samuel B. and Good, Elizabeth D.

Married Husband Gehman, Samuel B. ( * 7 September 1860 + 1 August 1913 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 19 October 1886      

Family of Pawling, George K. and Good, Elizabeth D.

Married Husband Pawling, George K. ( * 25 March 1854 + 7 February 1932 )

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Family Map


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