This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Gempeler. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Gempeler, Anna about 1535   Trummer, Laurenz
Gempeler, Anna 5 December 1585   Zahler, Hans
Gempeler, Anna 19 August 1638   Maurer, Stefen
Gempeler, Barbara 1 September 1672   Wäfler, Hans
Gempeler, Elisabeth 6 April 1628   Zürcher, Gwer
Gempeler, Hans about 1525   Unknown, Verena (wife of Hans Gempeler)
Gempeler, Hans about 1548   Unknown, Katharina (wife of Hans Gempeler)
Gempeler, Hans 1 November 1576 between 1617 and 1627 Zahler, Christina, Syfried, Anna
Gempeler, Hans 24 October 1602   Stoller, Margaretha
Gempeler, Hans 23 June 1641   Rychen, Barbara
Gempeler, Hans (Johannes) January 1564   Syfried, Margaretha
Gempeler, Jakob 15 December 1600 from 1654 to 1659 Zürcher, Fronegg
Gempeler, Katharina 6 August 1609   Zürcher, Hans
Gempeler, Magdalena 8 June 1617   Kallen, Hans
Gempeler, Melcher about 1530   Pieren, Anna
Gempeler, Peter about 1545   Miltzi, Barbara
Gempeler, Peter 24 October 1572   Schmid, Anna