This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Ryter. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Ryter, Anna about 1557 between 1684 and 1689 Jungen, Peter
Ryter, Anna about 1560   Berger, Beat
Ryter, Anna October 1564 1592 Kallen, Thomas
Ryter, Barbara 14 October 1632   Germann, Hans
Ryter, Barbara 14 August 1673   Trachsel, Melcher
Ryter, Beat about 1535   Trachsel, Katharina
Ryter, Christina 24 October 1572   Zürcher, Hans
Ryter, Hans about 1530   Pieren, Benedikta
Ryter, Hans 22 August 1613   Schmid, Anna
Ryter, Jakob about 1525   Unknown, Verena (wife of Jakob Ryter‏‎)
Ryter, Jakob 25 January 1573   Rychen, Barbara
Ryter, Jakob April 1643   Zahler, Madgalena
Ryter, Katharina 3 March 1594   Rösti, David
Ryter, Margaretha about 1565   Rychen, Hans
Ryter, Rudolf June 1560   Zürcher, Katharina
Ryter, Rudolf (Ruf) about 1530   Unknown, Margaretha (wife of Rudolf Ryter‏‎)
Ryter, Rudolph 11 May 1606   Zahler, Anna
Ryter, Sara 28 August 1796   Bohler, Gilgian