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From: ressler@hardy.ipac.caltech.edu (Mike "IR" Ressler)
Subject: LILO 0.7 can't boot DOS (?)
Date: 13 Jan 1993 05:59:47 GMT

I've finally managed to install SLS 98p5 (yes, I know I'm somewhat behind!)
and have it boot from disk using lilo 0.7. However, it doesn't seem to be
able to boot my DOS partition now - when I try, the machine tells me "can't
find DOS file" or something like that.

I followed the instructions in mdw@tc.cornell.edu's LILO QUICK START GUIDE
(thanks, Matt, it really helped) and my config file now looks like

        boot = /dev/hda
        install = /etc/lilo/boot.b
        map = /etc/lilo/map

        image = /Image
          label = linux
          root = /dev/hda1

        other = /dev/hda2
          table = /dev/hda
          label = drdos

I have one 130 Meg IDE drive which has three partitions: linux (/dev/hda1,
64 Meg), DR-DOS (/dev/hda2, 10 Meg), and an extended DOS partition
(/dev/hda3, with a single logical drive /dev/hda5, 56 Meg). If I boot DOS
from a floppy disk and examine the hard drive, the so-called C: drive is
the linux partition, the D: drive is what should be the DOS C: drive, and
the E: drive is what should be the DOS D: drive.

Any guesses about what my problem is? All help will be greatly appreciated.

  Mike Ressler - Infrared Photon Jockey     ressler@ipac.caltech.edu

  MS-DOS -> MS-DOS+Windoze -> DR-DOS 6.0 -> OS/2 2.0 -> Linux+X ...
  ... finally getting something useful done with my 386 ...

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