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From: sct@dcs.ed.ac.uk (Stephen Tweedie)
Subject: Re: LILO 0.7 can't boot DOS (?)
Date: 14 Jan 93 17:18:05 GMT

In article <1j0b4jINN5ha@gap.caltech.edu>, ressler@hardy.ipac.caltech.edu (Mike "IR" Ressler) writes:
> I've finally managed to install SLS 98p5 (yes, I know I'm somewhat
> behind!)  and have it boot from disk using lilo 0.7. However, it
> doesn't seem to be able to boot my DOS partition now - when I try,
> the machine tells me "can't find DOS file" or something like that.

> I have one 130 Meg IDE drive which has three partitions: linux
> (/dev/hda1, 64 Meg), DR-DOS (/dev/hda2, 10 Meg), ...

> Any guesses about what my problem is? All help will be greatly
> appreciated.

Yup, although it is just a guess...

Try using fdisk to find the partition types on each of your
partitions.  The default type for minix partitions is 0x81, and for
DOS is 0x01.  Unfortunately there have been reports that DRDOS ignores
the top bit of the partition type, and so treats the minix partition
as a DOS partition.  If you change the 0x81 partition types to
something else (I seem to remember that 0x41 was recommended a while
back), DRDOS won't get confused.

Take heart - I have a DRDOS/Linux/Lilo setup myself, and it has been
trouble free for so long that I can hardly remember any of the
potential pitfalls I had to overcome while installing it all.

 Stephen Tweedie.
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