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From: ressler@hardy.ipac.caltech.edu (Mike "IR" Ressler)
Subject: Has anyone done 24-bit color in Linux? (with Speedstar 24)
Date: 1 Feb 1993 03:57:54 GMT

I have a Diamond Speedstar 24 (the ET-4000 based version) and would like to
set the 640x480x24-bit mode from the regular command line (I'll worry about
X later :-)). I am using the vgalib-1.1 libraries as a starting point and
have successfully used the 1024x768x256 mode in them. I ported the
vga_dumpregs() routine to DOS to get the register information after setting
the 640x480x24-bit mode there, but simply creating a new entry in the
vgalib's "vga.c" has not been successful in setting the mode.

Has anyone successfully programmed the 640x480x24-bit mode and if so, what
did you have to do to get it? Info on how to set the 15-bit hi-color modes
may also prove to be useful. (I suppose the real issue is how to set a video
mode with[out] calling int 10.) Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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