Rudisill, Thomman 1

Birth Name Rudisill, Thomman
Gender male
Age at Death about 43 years, 9 months, 15 days


BIOGRAPHY: "THE RUDISILL GENEALOGY by Edward L. RUDISILL p1-6 states: "According to the parish records at the SAX EVANGELICAL REFORMED Church, Hans RUDISULI was the son of Thomman RUDISULI and Anna TORKLER*. Pastor FREYTAG of the Evangelical Church listed, in 1657: "Tomman RUDISUHLI children serving in Swabia, going to the Brunnsbach church, moved there 24 November 1651: Andreas 24 Matheus 22 Thrina 19 Ursel 18 Hans 14" "The ages of the children above agrees with the baptismal records of the children of Thomman and Anna TORKLERIN RUDISULI. Later Swiss census records indicated that this group initially settled in Wurttenberg, Germany. "THE RUDISILL GENEALOGY by Edward L. Rudisill": Frumsen, Sax Parish, Kanton St. Gallen,, Switzerland Sax Evangelical Reformed Church "CENSUS: 1635: Thommen RUDIS ULI and Anna TORCKLERIN Andres (Andreas, Andrew), 2 (b: 1633) Dewis (Thewas, Mattheus, Matthew) infant (b: 1635) Thommen's brother, Conrad, aged 15, living in the household "CENSUS: 1637 Thommen RUDIS-ULI Anna TORKLERIN Anderlj, 4 (b: 1633) Devis, 2 (b: 1635) "CENSUS: 1640 Thomman HANSELMAN (sic) Anna TORKLERIN Andres, 8 (b: 1632) Daves, 6 (b: 1634) Thrinli, 3 (b: 1637) Aneli, 2 (b: 1839) Thomman, infant (b: 1640) (Obviously, Pastor Freytag got confused. Thomman was not a HANSELMAN, but a RUDISULI. The Hanselman family was also a large one in Frumsen. He also erred by calling "Ursel" "Aneli", and "Anna" "Thomman". See the following Census.) "CENSUS: 1646 Thomman RUDIS ULI Anna TORKLERIN Andreas, 13 (b: 1633) Matheus, 11 (b: 1635) Thrina, 8 (b: 1638) Ursel, 7 (b: 1639) Anna, 5 (b: 1641) Hans, 3 (b: 1643) Tomman, 1 (b: 1645) "CENSUS: 1650 Tomman RUDISULY Anna TORKLERIN Andres, 17 (b: 1633) Matheus, 15 (b: 1635) Thrina, 12 (b: 1638) Ursel, 11 (b: 1639) Anna, 9 (b: 1641) Hans, 7 (b: 1643) Thoman, 5 (b: 1645) Barbel, infant (b: 1650) "The death register at the Sax Evangelical Reformed Church lists a Thomman RUDISULI, Sr. ("Alt") who died on 1 Apr 1649. The term "alt" does not mean "father" as it might be interpreted in English, but merely the older of two Thommans in the village. Then there is the death of Thomman, presumably the father of Hans and his siblings, who died 16 Oct 1653, and of "Anna TORGKLERIN, Thomman RUDISULI's surviving widow in Frumsen", on 24 Mar 1679. No records have been found which names the parents of either Thomman or Anna, or either of their birth or marriage dates. We can estimate they they were married about 1630-1632, Thomman's birth about 1605 and Anna's birth about 1605-1610. !SOURCES: THE RUDISILL GENEALOGY by Edward L. RUDISILL p1-6


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1610 Frümsen, Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland    
Death 16 October 1653 Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Rudisuli, Hansabout 158416 October 1653
         Rudisill, Thomman about 1610 16 October 1653


Family of Rudisill, Thomman and Torckler, Anna

Married Wife Torckler, Anna ( * 25 December 1606 + about 24 March 1677 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1640      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Rudisill, Hans20 April 164326 May 1723

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Rudisuli, Hans
    1. Rudisill, Thomman
      1. Torckler, Anna
        1. Rudisill, Hans