Landis, Hans 1 2

Birth Name Landis, Hans
Gender male
Age at Death 58 years, 11 months, 22 days


(Cassel DB at SAGA)

Horgenberg near Hirzel was the birthplace of Hans Landis, a Mennonite preacher who died as a martyr on 29 September 1614, in his seventieth year. He left a large family. His wife Margaretha Hochstrasser was 60 years old and stood loyally at his side. The father's steadfastness engraved itself deeply into the hearts of his children, who preserved his spiritual legacy for the most part, resisting the pressure of the government on their faith. His son Felix died in prison in 1642 in consequence of inhuman treatment, but Felix's wife Adelheid Egli managed to escape after four years. Another son, Hans, married to Elisabeth Erzinger, was also a preacher; his daughter Margaretha lay in prison with him for 60 weeks. The martyr's daughter Verena was married to the weaver Jacob Suners of Holland(?); she died in prison at Zürich in 1643 at an advanced age in consequence of maltreatment (Mart. Mir. D 822, E 1121), one of the last victims of the persecution of the Zurich Swiss Brethren. Through Hans Suner, probably a son of Jacob Suner, frequent relief offerings of the Dutch Mennonites passed to the Swiss Brethren.

After the execution of Hans Landis the Zurich council decided to confiscate Anabaptist property without respite. On 22 October 1614, it ordered the confiscation of the property of exiles. The property left by Hans Landis was indeed promised to his wife and children on 23 February 1615, but only on the condition that they join the state church within two weeks. Otherwise they could expect only exile and loss of property. Since the sorely tried widow could not make such a promise she was "laid in bonds" on 24 May. The Reformed preacher tried to win her to his church in prison. It is not known how long she was held. Her children were at first intimidated, but finally most of them decided to stay with the Swiss Brethren. The government then confiscated the property and put dependent members of the family among strangers. About 1640 the property of Rudolf, Hans, and Felix Landis, all sons of the martyr, was sold.

The descendants of the martyr Hans who were loyal to the faith of their fathers left the country. Some of them settled in Alsace (especially in the Rappoltstein region). The first mention of the family in the Palatinate occurred on 2 March 1661, when a group of 50 persons was surprised at an evening meeting at Steinsfurt near Sinsheim on the Elsenz; they were heavily fined. Among them were Hans Heinrich Landes of Rohrbach, his son Rudolf Landes of Weiler, and his mother and sister.


1553 - Johannes' and Catherine's son Hans Landis was born. He married Barbara (and later Margareta, her sister) Hochstrasser and became a preacher of the Anabaptists. He was executed in 1614.(2)(1)

Hans the Martyr had at least six children, Hans Jr. (1588), Felix, Rudolph, Oswald, Jacob and Verena.(1) (2)

Verena married Mr. Suhner. They had sons Hans Suhner (who went to Amsterdam about 1639) and Rudolph Suhner (who escaped prison in 1641 but was recaptured).(2)

1588 - Hans Landis Jr. was born. Hans Jr. married Elsbeth Erzinger, had children Heinrich and Margaretha.(2)

1614 - On 29 September, Rev. Hans Landis was executed in Zurich.(1)(4)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 8 October 1555 Horgen, Canton Zürich, Switzerland    
Death 30 September 1614 Hirzel, Canton Zürich, Switzerland    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Landis, Johannes Hans15211590
Mother Schinz, Katharina15241580
         Landis, Hans 8 October 1555 30 September 1614


Family of Landis, Hans and Hochstrasser, Margareth

Married Wife Hochstrasser, Margareth ( * about 1554 + 1630 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage after 1590      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Landis, Margareth1 December 15941673

Family of Landis, Hans and Hochstrasser, Barbara

Married Wife Hochstrasser, Barbara ( * about 1550 to 1555 + before 1580 )

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Family Map