Schnely, Johannes III 1 2a

Birth Name Schnely, Johannes III
Gender male
Age at Death more than about 78 years


At least one reference had the birth date as 1405. But that would make his age at death 93, which is very long for the 1400s. See the Snively-Snavely book for a discussion (p. 3).

Maybe born about 1420
Last name listed as Schnely or Snewli. Place of death listed as Thalwil, Zurich, Sw.

May have had an older brother Johannes. lists the following children of Steffan:

Children of Stephen Snewli and Elizabeth Elsi are:
i. Johannes Snewli, born Abt. 1405.
ii. Cleopha Schnely, born Abt. 1407.
iii. Margaritha Schnely, born Abt. 1409.
iv. Fredrich Schnely, born Abt. 1411.
v. Anna Schnely, born Abt. 1413.
1024 vi. Johannes Schnely, born Abt. 1420 in Zurich, Switzerland; died 1498 in Thalwill, Switzerland (8 miles south of Zurich); married Unknown in Thalwill.

... in which case it is the younger Johannes in the line.


Changed spelling of surname from Snewli to Schnely.


Died in Thalwil, about 8 miles south of Zürich where the family was living in the 1440s.



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1420 Zürich, Canton Zürich, Switzerland    
Death after 1498 Thalwil, Canton Zürich, Switzerland    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Snewli, Steffanabout 13781435
Mother Elsi, Elisabethabout 1382about 1440
    Brother     Snewli, Johannes about 1405
    Sister     Snewli, Cleopha about 1407
    Sister     Snewli, Margaritha about 1409
    Brother     Snewli, Friedrich about 1411
    Sister     Snewli, Anna about 1413
         Schnely, Johannes III about 1420 after 1498


Family of Schnely, Johannes III and Unknown, Unknown (Wife of Johannes Schnely III

Married Wife Unknown, Unknown (Wife of Johannes Schnely III ( * about 1424 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Schnely, (Daughter)about 1444
Schnely, Johannes IVabout 1445about 1512
Schnely, Heinrichabout 1447


Type Value Notes Sources
Identification Number IX

Family Map

Family Map