Maurer, Johan Rudolff 1

Birth Name Maurer, Johan Rudolff
Gender male



Source: Palatine Origins of some Pennsylvania Pioneers, by Annette Kunselman Burgert, 2000:
Freinsheim Reformed Church Book:
Joh. Rudolff Maurer, tile or brick maker, and wife Fronica had children:
1. Jacob Maurer, conf. 1717
2. Friederich Maurer, conf. 1717
3. Joh. Rudolph, bp. 25 Mar 1704
Sp: Joh. Rudolph Maurer, two of this name, with their wives; the one from [67245] Lambsheim and the other from [67273] Weisenhaim am Berg.
4. Anna Maria, bp. 11 Dec 1707
Sp. Joseph Wylly, master baker, and wife Anna Maria
5. Maria Sophia, bp. 26 May 1709, d. 11 Feb 1710
Sp. Andreas Seltzer and wife Sophia
6. Andreas, bp. 11 Mar 1711
Sp. Adreas Seltzer and wife Sophia
7. Johannes, b. ca 1713, bp. not located, d. 16 July 1717, age 4



Family of Maurer, Johan Rudolff and Unknown, Fronica (Wife of Johan Rudolff Maurer)

Married Wife Unknown, Fronica (Wife of Johan Rudolff Maurer) ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Maurer, Jacob Sr.about 170318 August 1761

Family Map

Family Map