Maurer, Jacob Sr.

Birth Name Maurer, Jacob Sr.
Gender male
Age at Death about 58 years, 7 months, 17 days



Source: Palatine Origins of Some Pennsylvania Pioneers by Annette Burgert, 2000, pg. 220-221:
MAURER, RUDOLPH 67251 Freinsheim
Prelist, after 1717 from the preface to the book, 'prelist is the term used to designate the arrival of an immigrant before 1727 when the published passenger lists start.'

Freinsheim Reformed KB (church book):
Joh. Rudolff Maurer, tile or brick maker, and wife Fronica had children:
-> 1. Jacob Maurer, conf. 1717
-> 2. Friederich Maurer, conf. 1717
-> 3. Joh. Rudolph, bp. 25 Mar 1704
Sp. Joh. Rudolph Maurer, two of this name, with their wives: the one from [67245] Lambsheim and the other from [67273] Weisenheim am Berg.
4. Anna Maria, bp. 11 Dec 1707
Sp. Joseph Wylly, master baker, and wife Anna Maria
5. Maria Sophia, bp. 26 May 1709, d. 11 Feb 1710
Sp. Andreas Seltzer and wife Sophia
-> 6. Andreas, bp. 11 Mar 1711
Sp. Andreas Seltzer and wife Sophia
7. Johannes, b. ca 1713, bp. not located, d. 16 July 1717, age 4

New Goshenhoppen Reformed KB, Montgomery Co., PA:
Frederich Maurer and wife had children:
1. Anna Maria, bp. __ Aug 1731 Sp. Anna Maria Segler
2. Jacob, bp. __ Aug 1731 Sp. Jacob Maurer
3. Joh. Fredrich, bp. 21 Jan 1733 Sp. Fridrich Hilligas & wife

Jacob Maurer and wife Sophia Lisabeth had:
1. Andreas, bp. 30 July 1732 Sp. Andreas Maurer
2. Elisabeth Barbara, bp. 19 Jun 1737 Sp. Fridrich Hilligas & wife
3. Anna Maria, Bp. 30 Aug 1741 Sp. Anna Maria Segler

Andreas Maurer and wife Anna Maria had:
1. Joh. Andreas, bp. 11 Apr 1737 Sp. Andreas Sechler & Anna Maria
2. Margreda, bp. 4 Sept 1742 Sp. Anna Margreda Lauer
3. Margreda bp. 5 May 1744

Rudolph Maurer and wife were sp. at a baptism in 1747.

Source: Pennsylvania German Church Records, vol 3, pg 5 and Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American & West Indies Colonies, by M.S. Giuseppe, 1928, pg 19:
Jacob Maurer & Frederich Maurer are listed as being members of the congregation of New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church during the years 1736-1739. Jacob Maurer & Frederich Maurer are listed together as being from Philadelphia Co. and taking the sacrament for naturalization on 3 April 1743.

Source: Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol 2, pg 146:
Jacob Maurer, age 40 is on a "List of Switzers who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship called Mercury" 29 May 1735.
There is no proof, and probably is untrue that this is the Jacob Maurer father of Veronica who married John Schell because Jacob Maurer & wife have a son Andreas baptized in 30 July 1732 in New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church.

Source: 1734 Landholders of Philadelphia Co PA: found @
Hanover Twp.
Rudolph Mowrer 150 acres
Frederick Mowrer 100 acres
Jacob Mourer 150 acres

Source: Philadelphia Co deed book H11, pg 536:
12 Nov 1751 - Jacob Mowre of Hanover Twp. purchases from William Parsons, John Ross, & Robert Greenaway 30 acres 18 perches of land in Hanover Twp. for 9 pounds

Source: Philadelphia Co deed book H11, pg 547:
12 Nov 1751 - Jacob Mowre of Hanover Twp. purchases from William Parsons, John Ross, & Robert Greenaway 153 acres 63 perches of land in Hanover Twp. for 61 pounds.

NOTE: These are the 2 pieces of property mentioned in Jacob Mowre's will & bequeathed to his two youngest sons Frederick & Peter.

Source: PA Land Records found at

8 May 1761 - survey recorded in book C132 pg 75: 237 acres in Hereford Twp. Berks Co. on Perkiomen Creek granted to Jacob Maurer. This is the same land grant referenced in 2 deeds dated 25 Mar 1762 from Andrew Maurer of Hereford Twp. Berks Co. to Christian Geman & 1 Apr 1767 Andrew Maurer of Upper Hanover Twp. Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co. to John Gehman.

Will of Jacob Maurer

Philadelphia Co. PA Will book M pg. 173-176:
Written: 26 Jun 1761
Proved: 18 Aug 1761

In the Name of God amen, whereas, I Jacob Mowre of Upper Hanover Township in the County of Philadelphia and province of Pennsylvania yeoman do on this twenty sixth day of June in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty one find myself very sick and weak in body but of Sound mind, memory thanks be to God. Therefore Calling to mind the Mortality of my body and knowing that is is appointed for all men once to die so do I make and ordain this my last Will and Testament and first of all I recommend my soul into the Hands of God that gave it and ordain that my Body be buried in a Christian like manner and as Touching to such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give devise and dispose of the Same in the following manner, viz.

Imprimis it is my Will That after my death my beloved Wife Sophia shall keep and maintain my Plantation Situate in Upper Hanover Township aforesaid Containing about one hundred and fifty acres of Land under her care and direction until my youngest son Peter Mowre be at his age of one and twenty Years if he shall live so long which will be from now in about Eight Years and thereby to educate my Children in a Christian and decent manner and if she shall not find herself able to maintain the said plantation she shall have liberty to lend and Rent out my said place until the above time.

And Whereas I have formerly for a Certain Consideration have Purchased and bought a Certain Plantation and Grist Mill and Tract of above Two hundred acres of Land Situate in Hereford Township in the County of Berks which I have before now given granted and confirmed to my son Andrew his heirs and assigns forever by a Certain agreement made for that purpose on and upon the condition that he is to pay to me and my other Heirs the sum of one hundred and forty pounds of lawful money of Pennsylvania for which he has already oversigned to me and put in my hands the bonds for the same, and it is my Will that he nor his heirs shall make no further claims or demand neither on my said Plantation nor on any of my other moveable Estate as in Chattles, Household Goods of what name soever but that my said eldest son Andrew Mowre and his Heirs shall be Content and Satisfied as for his hereditary Share and portion with what I have given him already as above mentioned.

And as concerning my second son Jacob Mowre I have also before now given him in bonds a sum to the amount of one hundred and fifty pounds of lawful money aforesaid which I do confirm and bequeath to him his Heirs and assigns forever but with this condition and is also my Will That Neither he nor his Heirs Shall make any further claim or demand on my said Plantation nor on any of my moveable Estate of what name soever but shall therewith be content and Satisfied as for his hereditary share and portion as I have given him also fifty pounds in money before now.

And it is further my Will that my said two sons or their heirs namely Andrew Mowre and Jacob Mowre Shall after the expiration of eight years from now and each of them yearly give as the sum of thirty Shillings as towards one yearly subscription if then we are both alive but after the death of either me or my wife they are to pay but fifteen Shillings each to that which shall happen to survive the other.

And I do hereby give and bequeath to my two youngest sons Frederick Mowre and Peter Mowre and to their and each of their heirs and assigns forever my above said Plantation where we now live containing one hundred and fifty three acres and sixty three perches of Land as also a Tract of woodland situate in New Hanover Township in Philadelphia County aforesaid containing thirty acres and eighteen perches of Land for which I have the Deeds in my hands together with the Buildings Cleared Land and improvements whatsoever unto the said Messuage Plantation and two Tracts of Land belonging or in anywise appertaining which my said two sons Frederick Mowre and Peter Mowre Share and only take into their possession when my said youngest son Peter Mowre Shall be at his age of one and twenty years To have and to hold the said Two Tracts of Land Hereditaments and Premisses hereby to them by me bequeathed with the appurtenances unto my said Two sons Frederick Mowre and Peter Mowre their Heirs & assigns and to their only proper use and behoof forever.

And hereby is my Will that none of my Children nor their Heirs shall make any Claim or Demand on my said Plantation of my said two sons but hereby I accept reserve for me and my wife full Privilege and liberty to live in the house where we now live and my said Two Sons Frederick Mowre and Peter Mowre shall then yearly give to us twelve bushels of wheat and twelve bushels of Rye and three Bushels of Buckwheat and a fat cow to weigh one hundred twenty pounds and sixty pound beef and keep for us Two Cows in their fodder in Summer and Winter time as good as their own and cut and carry fire wood for us as much as we use and sow for us one half acre with flax. I reserve also the Kitchen Garden for our use and Ten apple Trees to have the yearly the choise of them which they shall give us then during our life time but after of the one or the other of either me or my wife my said Two sons shall only give the half part of all the above described particulars of our Said Subsistance yearly to that of us which shall survive the other and I do also further give all my Cattle and Household goods and Tools of what Name soever to the care and direction of my said wife Sophia until the above said eight years are ended and then to be sold or kept or disposed by her as she then shall think fit.

And I do also further hereby give and bequeath to my wife Sophia and for her use during her life time all my Money and outstanding Debts, to be after her death divided amongst my Children as herunto directed.

And as concerning my six daughters Mary Margareth deceased late the wife of Paul Rothermel and Veronica now the Wife of John Shell and Sophia now the wife of the said Paul Rothermel and Barbara now the wife of Isaac Barto and Ann Mary and Catharina that as I have already given to my said Daughters to Mary Margareth to the value of Fifty pound to Veronica fifty pounds to Sophia fifty pounds and to Barbara thirty six pounds so is it my Will that the further sum of Ten pounds be given by my hereunto named executors to my said Daugahter Veronica and twenty four pounds to my Daughter Barbara as also to my Daughter Anna Mary and Catharina to each of them the sum & value of sixty pounds when or after they shall have happened to marry or when it can conveniently be done by my Executors. And I do hereby further give and bequeath unto my above Named six Daughters Mary Margareth, Veronica, Sophia, Barbara, Anna Mary and Catherina and to their heirs and assigns forever all my money outstanding Debts and Moveable Estate what shall be left by my beloved wife Sophia after her death that the same shall by and between them be equally divided so that each of them or their Heirs shall get as much of the same as the other for their Hereditary share and portion.

And I do hereby Nominate ordain constitute and appoint my beloved Wife Sophia and my eldest son Andrew Mowre to be the sole Executors of this my last will and Testament and I do hereby publish declare Ratify and Confirm this and no other to be my last Will and Testament in witness and confirmation whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal on the day and year at first above written. And it is further my will that if any of my said two sons as Frederick or Peter should happen to die unmarried and without Heirs of his body that the other may keep my whole Plantation as above bequeathed but with condition that he shall pay the sum of one hundred pounds of Lawful money aforesaid to my above named six Daughters and if any of my youngest Daughters should die without Heirs so her share shall fall to all my other daughters equally to be divided among them according to the true intent and meaning hereof.

Jacob Mowre [seal]

Signed Sealed published and Declared by the said Jacob Mowre as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us Conrad [his mark] Wannemacher, Jacob Wannemacher, David Shultz.

Philadelphia 18th August 1761 Then personally appeared Conrad Wannemacher, Jacob Wannemacher and David Shultz the witnesses to the forgoing will and the said Conrad Wannemacher and Jacob Wanemacher on oath and the said David Shultz on his solemn affirmation according to law did respectively declare they saw and heard Jacob Mowre the Testator therein named Sign Seal publish and declare the same will for and his last will and Testament and that at the doing thereof he was of Sound mind memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge.

William Humsted, Reg. General

Be it Remembered that on the 18th of August 1761 the last Will and Testament of Jacob Mowre deceased in due form of law was proved and probate and Letters Testamentary were granted to Sophia Mowre and Andrew Mowre Executors in the said Will Named being duly sworn well and truly to administer the deceased Estate and bring an Inventory thereof into the Register General Office at Philadelphia at or before the 18th of September Next and render a true account when required.

Source: New Goshenhoppen UCC Cemetery Transcription; prepared & typed by Kenneth Hallman in 1949 [online at]
Tombstone of Jacob Maurer


Here lies
buried Jacob
Maurer and was
? the resurrection
the dead will be


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Maurer, Johan Rudolff
Mother Unknown, Fronica (Wife of Johan Rudolff Maurer)
         Maurer, Jacob Sr. about 1703 18 August 1761


Family of Maurer, Jacob Sr. and Unknown, Sophia (Wife of Jacob Maurer, Sr.)

Married Wife Unknown, Sophia (Wife of Jacob Maurer, Sr.) ( * + after June 1774 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Maurer, Jacob Jr.about 173926 January 1822

Family Map

Family Map