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Birth Name Schnebli, Elsbeth
Gender female


The path from Johannes (IV) Schnebli (b 1445) to Elsbeth Schnebli (b 1593) is seemingly the weakest part of the chain from Rudolfus von Lunkhofen to me (Mike Ressler). The varying genealogies from JS to RvL all agree, except for one skipped generation in one source. The chain from ES to me also seems reliable.

There are at least two plausible chains from JS to ES. The chain that seems to me more reasonable in terms of the ages of the fathers goes from Johannes IV (1445) to Hans (1474), to Jacob (1502), to Johannes Jacob (1530), to Jacob (1560), to Elsbeth (1593). This is the path proposed by http://; however, they cite no sources. The Snively-Snavely book specifically states there is a dead end at Jacob's (1502) children. The pathway in the book is from Johannes IV (1445) to Thomann (1485), to Hans (1510), to Jacob (1550), to Elsbeth (1593). The IDs given are XI, XI-6, XI-61, XI-612, and XI-6127. It seems that the former would be preferable since the generations are about 30 years apart, rather than the latter where the generations are more like 40 years apart with one exception; however, it is what is in the book, and so is what I follow here.


The 1621 church record at Hirzel provides proof of the name of the mother of Heinrich Weber (WB2). An Elsbeth Schnebli (SN6127) was baptized May 1, 1593, at Affoltern, Zurich, the daughter of Jacob Schnebli. A sister, Margaret, (SN6122) baptized July 12, 1578, may have been the first wife of Oswald Landis.

Other now familiar Lancaster County names are found in the County of Obfeldon says Mr. Schnebeli, a prominent and respected Swiss historian. At the beginning of the 18th century several Obfeldon residents moved to Pennsylvania. He concludes by saying that best authority on these subjects is Dr. Weber, the High Librarian of Canton Zurich, Switzerland.


Possibly born on 1592-01-05.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Baptism 1 May 1593 Affoltern am Albis, Canton Zürich, Switzerland    
Death 1621 Switzerland    
Death before 1633      
Death 1644 Affoltern, Canton Zürich, Switzerland    
Burial   Affoltern, Canton Zürich, Switzerland    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Schnebli, Jacob1 September 1629
Mother Huber, Elsbethabout 1554
    Brother     Schnebli, Heinj
    Sister     Schnebli, Margaret 12 July 1578
    Sister     Schnebli, Anna 23 April 1581
    Brother     Schnebli, Hans Jacob June 1583
    Brother     Schnebli, Jacob 1 March 1585
    Sister     Schnebli, Katharina 29 December 1588
         Schnebli, Elsbeth 1 May 1593 1621
    Sister     Schnebli, Verena February 1596 6 December 1635
    Brother     Schnebli, Kaspar 22 May 1597 7 August 1625
    Brother     Schnebli, Hans Jacob 24 December 1598 5 March 1672
    Sister     Schnebli, Verena 10 August 1600
    Brother     Schnebli, Rudolph 31 January 1602
    Brother     Schnebli, Heinrich 31 January 1602


Family of Weber, George and Schnebli, Elsbeth

Married Husband Weber, George ( * about 1578 + about 1660 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1617      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Weber, Sarah1617
Weber, Heinrich Schnebli7 January 162013 October 1696
Weber, George1621
Type Value Notes Sources


Type Value Notes Sources
Identification Number XI-6127

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Family Map