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Birth Name Meylin, Anna Margaretha
Gender female
Age at Death 46 years, 11 months, 13 days


ID: I20903
Name: Peter Eby 1
Sex: M
Birth: 1690 in Zürich, Switzerland
Event: Emigrant 1719
Occupation: Miller
Death: BEF 05 MAY 1749 in Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Descendants of Theodorus Aebi (December 2008)
Generation No. 2 .html#CHILD2

2. PETER2 EBY(2) (DURST (THEODORUS)1 AEBI(1)) was born 1690 in Canton Zurich, Switzerland, and died Bef. 05 May 1749 in Earl Twp., Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He married (1) ANNA MEYLIN Abt. 1719 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, daughter of MARTIN MEYLIN and ANNA RUTGEN. She was born Abt. 1699 in probably Zurich, Switerland, and died 1739 in Earl Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He married (2) BARBARA GROFF 1740 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, daughter of MARTIN GROFF. She was born Abt. 1719, and died Aft. 1794 in Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania.

Notes for PETER EBY(2):
Records indicate that Peter Eby(2), was born in ca. 1690, in Emmenthal, Berne, Switzerland, and although this is not documented, it seems to fit. He did not come to America in 1717, but came a few years later in 1719, where he is listed in Rupp's on page 438. His marriage to Anna Meylin, a daughter of Martin Meylin took place about 1720 and he had a family of at least seven children by his first marriage. His residence was in or near the house on the mill property where he was actively engaged as a miller. Anna Meylin seems to have passed away about 1739 as we know that in 1740 he took a second wife by the name of Barbara Groff, who was a daughter of Martin Groff.

The only one of the five sons of Durst Eby(1), to die testate that we found was Peter Eby(2), who made his Last Will on August 7, 1748, in the presence of Christian Eby(2), Henry Shaver and James Love. There is no exact date of Peter Eby(2)'s death, but we believe it was in the year 1750 and the he was almost certainly buried on the mill property with his father and brothers. We do know that on December 13, 1750, Barbara Ebey, widow of said Peter Eby(2), called late miller of Earl Twp., was already married to Dewalt Lichty. It appears that almost five years passed from the time of Peter Eby(2)'s death until the Letters of Affirmation were filed at the Lancaster Court House. On Dec. 11, 1754, Henry Shaver swore that he witnessed the writing of Peter Eby(2)'s Will and Christian Eby(2) also signed as a witness. Then on March 4, 1755, James Love swore to the fact that he witnessed the signing of the Will of Peter Ebey(2), of Earl Township.

The best list of children our research found for Peter Eby(2) was dated Jan 1, 1768, and is found in Deed 3G-731, which is a release to Benjamin Owen: by Christian Eby, Jacob Eby, Henry Eby, Peter Eby, Abraham Eby, Barbara Eby married to John Bender, Anne Eby married to John Heller, Dorst Eby, Martin Eby, and John Eby. It appears that Isaac Eby, another son of Peter Eby(2), was dead by the time this transaction took place.

The line of Peter Eby(2), has been greatly expanded since we have published out first two volumes. We have now given many new Eby lines to trace to in this section, as well as, the names of wives and clarification of dates. This is the first real assembly of this family in print are we are very proud of this achievement. Included in the assembly is the line of Andrew Eby, and Barbara, his wife, the progenitors of the Abee family in North Carolina. Groff (1978)

Records indicate that he was living in or near the house on the mill property, and that he was actively engaged as a miller. He was also naturalized as a British subject with his brother John Eby, on Oct. 14, 1729. - JE and MPB
Peter's father-in-law, Martin Meylin is credited with development of the Pennsylvania rifle - Joane Eby

Orphans Court held at Lancaster the fifth day of May 1749. Before William Parsons, Conrad Weiser, George Swope and James Whitehill, Esquires, Justices-
Jacob Eby, one of the sons of Peter Eby, chuses Abraham Bare as Guardian. Peter Eby, one of the sons of Peter Eby chuses Michael Sharer as Guardian. Abraham Bare and Michael Sharer appointed Guardians over Henry, Isaac, Barbara, and Ann Eby, minor and younger children of Peter Eby, deceased.
In spite of the spelling, I am sure this is them again:

<< Fifth March, 1755: Upon petition of Jacob Abey, second Son of Peter Abey, deceased, setting forth that the said Peter Abey devised a part of his Real Estate but as to the other part died Intestate. And prayed the Court to appoint Persons to Value the Real Estate. That the Petitioner may (if his eldest Brother will not) on payment of the respective Shares of the other Children hold the Land of which his Father died Intestate. It is Ordered that Emanual Carpenter, Christian Wenger, Gabriel Carpenter, George Line, Richard Owen and Jone (sic) Bare do Value and appraise the Real Estate. Whereas it is further set forth in the said Petition that the said Peter Eaby, deceased, directed a part of his Real Estate to be appraised which he devised to his son Christian and praying it might be appraised. It is Ordered that Emanuel Carpenter, Christian Wenger, Gabriel Carpenter, George Line, Richard Owen, and John Bare do Value and appraise the same.>>

And finally:


More About PETER EBY(2):
Burial 1: Probably on Eby Mill property
Burial 2: Marker in (Isaac) Eby Cemetery, Leacock Twp., (near Zeltenrieich's Church)
Fact 6: Miller

Name 2: Anna Mylin
Burial: Marker in (Isaac) Eby Cemetery, Leacock Twp., (near Zeltenrieich's Church)

Children of PETER EBY(2) and ANNA MEYLIN are:
7. i. CHRISTIAN3 EBY(3), b. 1720, Earl Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. 12 Mar 1805, Leacock Twp, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.
8. ii. JACOB EBY(3), b. 18 Jul 1728, Earl Twp., Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; d. 23 May 1794, Leacock Twp., Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
9. iii. PETER EBY(3), b. 1730, Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; d. 06 Sep 1794, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.
10. iv. HEINRICH (HENRY) EBY(3), b. Abt. 1733, Earl Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. 03 Nov 1806, Carlisle City, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania.
11. v. ABRAHAM EBY(3), b. 24 Nov 1735, Earl Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. 18 Jul 1814, Leacock Twp. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
vi. ISAAC EBY(3), b. 1737, Earl Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. Bef. 1767.
More About ISAAC EBY(3):
Marital Status: Unmarried

vii. BARBARA EBY(3), b. 1739, Earl Twp. Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; m. JOHN BENDER, 1760; b. Abt. 1735, Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.

Children of PETER EBY(2) and BARBARA GROFF are:
12. viii. ANNA3 EBY(3), b. 28 Dec 1741, Earl Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. 02 Mar 1821.
ix. DORST EBY(3), b. Abt. 1743, Earl Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. Aft. 1815.
More About DORST EBY(3):
Marital Status: unmarried

13. x. JOHN EBY(3), b. Abt. 1745, Earl Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. Aft. 1815.
xi. MARTIN EBY(3), b. Abt. 1747, Earl Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. 28 Jun 1815, Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.
More About MARTIN EBY(3):
Died 2: 10 Apr 1815
Marital Status: unmarried



The winter of 1708-1709 was very long and cold in the Rhineland. It was a very bleak period. People huddled around their fires as they considered quitting their homes and farms forever. By early April, the land was still frozen and most of the Palatines' vines had been killed by the bitter weather. Since 1702 their country had been enduring war and there was little hope for the future. The Thirty Years War lay heavy on their minds, a period in which one out of every three Germans had perished.

The Palatines were heavily taxed and endured religious persecution. As the people considered their future, the older ones remembered that, in 1677, William Penn had visited the area, encouraging the people to go to Pennsylvania in America, a place where a man and his family could be free of the problems they were now encountering.

To go to America meant a long, dreadful ocean voyage and a future in an unknown land, away from their past and family. Everyone knew that the German Elector would stop any migration as soon as it was noticed. Only a mass exodus from the Palatinate could be successful. Many wondered how they could ever finance such a journey even if they wanted to attempt it. Small boats, known as scows, would have to be acquired for the long ride down the Rhine River and then there was the price for the ocean voyage. While some of the people had relatives that could assist them financially, many were very poor. Soon enough, their minds were made up for them as France's King Louis XIV invaded their land, ravaging especially the towns in the Lower Palatinate.

In masses, the Palatines boarded their small boats and headed down the Rhine for Rotterdam. It was April 1709 and the first parties were afloat on the Rhine, many with only their most basic goods and their faith in God as their only possessions. The river voyage took an average of 4-6 weeks through extremely cold, bitter weather. By June, 1709, the people streamed into Rotterdam at a rate of one thousand per week. The Elector, as expected, issued an edict forbidding the migration, but almost everyone ignored it. By October, 1709, more than 10,000 Palatines had completed the Rhine River journey.

The Duke of Marlborough was assigned by Queen Anne to transport the immigrants to England. British troop ships were also used. The Queen assumed these Protestants would help fuel the anti-Roman feelings developing in England. The ships from Rotterdam landed, in part, at Deptford and the refugees were sent to one of three camps at Deptford, Camberwell, and Blackheath outside the city wall of London. Many Londoner's welcomed the Palatines, but the poor were not, as they felt their English food was being taken from them to feed the Germans. British newspapers published mixed accounts of the Palatines, some praising them while others cursed them.

Over 3,000 of these Palatines were sent to Ireland, again to reinforce the Protestant faith in that land. The trip from england to Ireland was short, taking only about 24 hours.

Meanwhile, streams of Palatines went to America, with most going to Pennsylvania. The ocean voyage was harsh, with over-crowded, under-supplied, and unsanitary ships. What provisons were supplied were generally the least expensive available to the ship's master. Water frequently ran out, as did food. Dreadful mortality occurred on many voyages. In addition to those woes, the Palatines faced robbery, deception, and worse from those transporting them.

Estimates on the number of Germans in Pennsylvania during this period varies from author to author, but a common estimate is 10,000-15,000 by 1727 and 70,000-80,000 by 1750. A good source for reviewing German arrivals to Pennsylvania is Rupp's "Thirty Thousand Immigrants in Pennsylvania" which contains numerous ship passenger lists and has an excellent surname index. Another good resource is Walter Knittle's "Early Eighteenth-Century Palatine Emigration".

Immigrants not only came from Germany, but also Bohemia and Switzerland. Most were either Lutheran, Reformed, or Mennonite in religious belief. - 1996 by Kraig W. Ruckel © .html



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Father: Durst Theodorus Eebi b: 25 APR 1663 in Bern, Switzerland

Marriage 1 Anna Meylin b: ABT 1699 in Zürich, Switzerland

Married: ABT 1719 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Has Children Christian Eby b: 1720 in Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


Marriage 2 Barbara Groff b: ABT 1719

Married: 1740



Author: B. Dawn Eby Quast
Publication: Name: December 13, 2009;
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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 19 January 1692      
Death 1739      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Meylin, Martinabout 16651749
Mother Rutgen, Annabetween 1667 and 1678
         Meylin, Anna Margaretha 19 January 1692 1739


Family of Eby, Peter and Meylin, Anna Margaretha

Married Husband Eby, Peter ( * 1689 + after 1748 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1719      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Eby, Abraham24 November 17358 January 1815

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Meylin, Martin
    1. Rutgen, Anna
      1. Meylin, Anna Margaretha
        1. Eby, Peter
          1. Eby, Abraham