Trostle, Heinrich 1 2 3

Birth Name Trostle, Heinrich
Gender male
Age at Death 60 years, 10 months


Heinrich Trostle, son of George, was a blacksmith by trade, and did a great deal of work for the Indians, with whom he was on the friendliest terms, many stories of his association with the red men being familiar to the older members of the family. He had two teams on the road hauling goods from Philadelphia to Pittsburg. His will was probated in 1824. He married Elizabeth Sweikhart, and they had children: Heinrich (2); John, who was survived by his wife Catharine (who was executrix of his will made Jan. 18, 1857, and probated Feb. 23, 1857) and children, Levina, Sarah, Caroline and Wallace; Barbara, born Jan. 6, 1786, m. to Benjamin Remp, and died March 15, 1857; Peggy, m. to George Fritz; and Elizabeth, m. to Isaac Griffith.

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Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Trostle, George17 February 173011 September 1804
Mother Seidabenner, Anna Rosina12 October 174011 February 1818
         Trostle, Heinrich 1764 November 1824


Family of Trostle, Heinrich and Sweikhart, Catharina Elizabeth

Married Wife Sweikhart, Catharina Elizabeth ( * 1763 + 1842 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Trostle, Barbara6 January 178615 March 1857

Family Map

Family Map