Blankenbuehler, Hans 1

Birth Name Blankenbuehler, Hans
Gender male
Age at Death about 49 years, 9 months, 5 days


Possible birth about 1635:


Noted events:

Immigration: from Gresten, Abt 1652, Markt Erlbach, NEA. He must migrated to somewhere near Markt Erlbach, as he married Sophia Zellhoefer in nearby Emskirchen a few years later.

Hanss married Sophia Zellhofer-[1526] [MRIN: 230], daughter of Christoph Zellhofer-[370] and Sophie-[371], on 5 Mar 1660 in Emskirchen, NEA.1 2 3 (Sophia Zellhofer-[1526] was born in 1639 in Gresten NOe, died on 2 Nov 1676 in Altselingsbach, k.Nea and was buried in Markt Erlbach, NEA.)

Marriage Events:

Alt. Marriage: record error?, 5 Mar 1660, Gresten NOe. 8 perhaps this marriage date/place is incorrect or for the wrong couple or marriage -- IGI "no source information".

Marriage Notes:

The correct marriage place is Emkirchen, from John Blankenbaker and from LDS Archive Record.

Hanss next married Rosina Preudensteiner-[1977] [MRIN: 643] on 3 May 1637 in NOe, Austria. (Rosina Preudensteiner-[1977] was born est 1618 in NOe, Austria.)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1646 Bavaria, Germany    
Burial 6 October 1695 Oberrossbach, Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Germany    
Marriage 5 March 1660      
Marriage 4 February 1677      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Blankenbuehler, Jakobabout 1620
         Blankenbuehler, Hans about 1646 6 October 1695
    Brother     Blankenbuehler, Michael


Family of Blankenbuehler, Hans and Zellhofer, Sophia

Married Wife Zellhofer, Sophia ( * 24 March 1639 + 2 November 1676 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 5 March 1660 Emskirchen, Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Germany    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Blankenbiller, Hans13 October 1729

Family of Blankenbuehler, Hans and Kurr, Margaretha

Married Wife Kurr, Margaretha ( * + ... )

Family Map

Family Map