Metzger, Jacob 1 2 3

Birth Name Metzger, Jacob
Gender male
Age at Death 56 years, 4 months, 11 days


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Descendants of Jacob Metzger

Generation No. 1
1. JACOB METZGER was born February 26, 1733/34 in Wurttemberg, Germany, and died July 08, 1790 in Conestoga Center, Lancaster Co, PA. He married SUSANNA RUDESILLE November 27, 1764 in Trinity Church, Conestoga Twp, PA, daughter of PHILLIP RUDISILL and SUSANNA BEYER. She was born October 19, 1744 in Lancaster Co, PA, and died February 1827 in Lancaster Co, PA.

Information Source: "The Tanger-Metzger Genealogy", 1954. The Tanger-Metzger Genealogy states that Jacob "purchased a 100-acre farm in Conestoga Township on May 7, 1764, from Andrew and Barbara Fail, and is listed in tax lists there in 1771, 1772, 1773, 1779 and 1781. He was an overseer of the poor in Conestoga Township in 1775 and an auditor in 1782, 1788, 1789 and 1790."

"Jacob Metzger served in the militia during the American Revolution. His service as a captain of the third company of the fourth battalion of Lancaster County militia extended from 1777 to 1783. Although there were other Lancaster Countians named Jacob Metzger living during this period, none of them lived in Conestoga Township; the men of the third company have been identified as Conestoga soldiers."

"Following an illness of several months, Jacob Metzger died on July 8, 1790. He was buried July 10, by the Reverend Gotthilf Henry Ernst Muhlenberg, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, who made the notation, "A true man," on his record. The burial was in a private cemetery, now the graveyard of the Conestoga Center Reformed (formerly Lutheran) graveyard at Conestoga Center, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A large tombstone erected over his grave bears this inscription in German:"

Here rest the bones of Jacob Metzger. He was born February 26, 1734. United in marriage with Susanna, nee Rudisille, 1764. Produced with her 4 children, Died July 8, 1790." His will, written April 19, 1790, appointed his wife and son Frederick as executors. To her he gave one-third of his personal estate, the interest of two hundred pounds annually, and permission to remain on his farm until his youngest son Jacob came of age. At that time it was to be sold, and after one-third was deducted for the wife, the remainder to be divided among the children. The farm was sold September 13, 1794, to Jacob Metzger, Jr., who retained it until March 25, 1801, when he sold it to John Good."

Burial: July 10, 1790, Graveyard of the Conestoga Center Reformed, Lancaster Co, PA
Occupation: soldier, farmer
Record Change: April 05, 2003

Information Source: "The Tanger-Metzger Genealogy", 1954. According to The Tanger-Metzger Genealogy, "Susanna, the widow [of Jacob Metzger] married John Adam Reigart (Reichard), (November 11, 1739 - May 9, 1813) on January 7, 1794. A prominent Lancaster citizen and member of the Moravian Church, he married 1) Mrs. Catharine Zimmerman Yeiser (June 12 , 1731 - May 10, 1789) on April 7, 1763. Following his death, Susanna continued to live in Lancaster, where she died in February, 1827. She left a short will in which she be queathed her possessions to her sons Frederick and Jacob Metzger. The location of her grave is unknown."


i. GEORGE FREDERICK2 METZGER, b. September 29, 1768, Conestoga Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; d. March 17, 1843, McGovernville, E. Hempfield Twp, Lancaster Co, PA; m. CATHARINE TANGER, October 02, 1796, Conestoga Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; b. July 08, 1778, Conestoga Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; d. October 18, 1870.

Burial: East Petersburg
Record Change: April 05, 2003
Record Change: April 05, 2003

ii. JACOB METZGER, b. October 15, 1772, Conestoga Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; d. March 21, 1854, Rohrerstown, East Hempfield Twp, Pennsylvania; m. ANNA MARIA TANGER, January 07, 1793; b. November 04, 1775, Conestoga Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; d. June 15, 1855, Rohrerstown, East Hempfield Twp, Pennsylvania.

iii. CATHERINE METZGER, b. March 07, 1775, Conestoga Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; d. September 01, 1812, Willow Street, Pennsylvania.

Generation No. 2

2. CATHERINE METZGER (JACOB) was born March 07, 1775 in Conestoga Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, and died September 01, 1812 in Willow Street, Pennsylvania. She married JOHN TANGER December 15, 1794 in Trinity Church, son of ANDREAS DENGER and ANNA LOTTMAN. He was born June 19, 1773 in Lampeter Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, and died June 13, 1842 in Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania.

Information Source: "The Tanger-Metzger Genealogy," 1955. Catharine died a few days after the birth of her own daughter Catharine, the future wife of Emanuel Harnish, who would also have a daughter who would outlive her mother and return to Pennsylvania with her father. Catharine's gravestone reads as follows: To the memory of Catharine, Wife of John Tanger... born March 7, 1775, died September 1, 1812, aged 37 years, 5 months.

Burial: Willow Street Mennonite Graveyard
Record Change: April 05, 2003

Notes: John Tanger moved with his parents as a small child to Conestoga Twp (in that part now Pequea Twp) in Lancaster Co, grew up there, and helped his father on the farm. After John married, he and his wife Catharine "settled in Willow Street, a village in West Lampeter Twp, where he was recorded in the census of 1800, 1810, 1820 and 1830. John probably did tenant farming until he purchased land in 1822," according to The Tanger-Metzger Genealogy.

"On April 15, 1822, John purchased five acres of land, containing a one-story log house, situated in Lampeter Township, from Henry and Ann Snavely. This land was in the village of Willow Street. April 2, 1824, he purchased an adjoining five-acre tract from DeWalt and Ann Boreman. On these two tracts John and his wife and their sons Jacob, John and George seem to have had their homes for a time. A tavern, probably erected by John on the second tract, was maintained by another son, Andrew."

"On April 1, 1835, John purchased from his son-in-law and daughter, Emmanuel and Catharine (Tanger) Harnish, a 67-acre, 100-perch tract in Martic Township, which they had bought in 1834. Following the death of Andrew Tanger, the youngest son, John transferred the second 5-acre tract in Willow Street, "wit the Tavern House and other out-houses thereon" to Frederick Gall, an uncle of Andrew's wife, on May 10, 1837."

"Caught in a tide of migration, John Tanger sold his land at Willow Street to Henry H. Gall on March 30, 1838. The Martic farm he sold to Feiler Garrison of Millerstown (now Millersville) on April 7, 1838."

"Then he and his wife Anna (or Nancy, the English version which was becoming popular), a grandson George Tanger whom they were raising; Jacob Tanger, his wife and children; Jacob and Susanna (Tanger) Harnish and their children; and Emanuel and Catharine (Tanger) Harnish and their children - in all at least twenty-five persons prepared to cross the Susquehanna River into Cumberland County."

"On April 19, 1838, John purchased a farm from Moses Eby, located in South Middleton Township, Cumberland County. Evidently the entire family moved onto this property, and John watched over the farming activities. Traditionally he occupied a frame house on the farm, near which a spring of cool, bubbling water is situated."

"When the farm was sold after his death, an advertisement in the Carlisle papers described it as containing 162 acres and 100 perches, of which 112 fenced acres were under cultivation, with water in nearly every field. The remainder was timber land, and John owned a ten-acre mountain tract. The property had a stone dwelling with a spring in the cellar, a bank barn, two tenant houses, a wagon shed, corn crib, lime kiln, and other outbuildings. And orchard, limestone quarry, and new still houses were on the property. Jacob Tanger operated the still, and from the orchard John likely made cider and apple butter. When he died he owned a cider press, apple butter crocks, and a set of quarrying tools and kegs of powder."

Burial: Herr Graveyard, South Middletown Twp
Occupation: "The Tanger-Metzger Genealogy, " 1955

i. JACOB TANGER, b. February 18, 1796, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; d. July 28, 1849, Huntington Twp, Adams Co, Pennsylvania; m. (1) CATHARINE HOFFMAN, March 18, 1817; d. December 27, 1827; m. (2) ESTHER SNAVELY, November 30, 1828; b. January 05, 1803, West Lampeter Twp, Pennsylvania; d. July 06, 1832; m. (3) ANNA LICHTE, March 17, 1835, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; b. March 16, 1804

Occupation: soldier, butcher, farmer

ii. GEORGE TANGER, b. September 29, 1798, Willow Street, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; d. January 06, 1820, Willow Street, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania.

Burial: Willow Street Mennonite Graveyard
Record Change: April 05, 2003

iii. SUSANNA TANGER, b. November 04, 1800; m. JACOB HARNISH.

iv. JOHN TANGER, b. September 05, 1803

v. CATHERINE TANGER, b. August 26, 1805

vi. ANDREW TANGER, b. December 21, 1807

vii. CATHARINE TANGER, b. August 28, 1812, Willow Street, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; d. 1849; m. EMANUEL HARNISH, April 27, 1830, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; b. January 29, 1810, West Lampeter Twp, Pennsylvania; d. October 14, 1854, Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania.

Catharine died on August 8, 1849, in childbirth, according to tradition.

Burial: near the Mennonite Church in Medway
Record Change: April 05, 2003


Information Source: "The Tanger-Metzger Genealogy," 1955. According to the Tanger-Metzger Genealogy, "they [Emanuel and Catharine] likely went to housekeeping with Catharine's father in Willow Street, where they probably remained until March 31, 1834, when they purchased a farm in Martic Town ship from Abraham Gochenouer. They sold this farm to Catharine's father one year later, but it seems possible they continued to occupy it until March, 1838, when it was sold. They moved with the family migration to Cumberland County, where they remained until 1847."

"In that year, Emanuel and Catharine packed their eight children and possessions into a wagon and joined the other Pennsylvanians who were moving to Clark County, Ohio. They traveled over the old National Road, now United States Highway 40, and they likely stayed with Emanuel's brother John Harnish until they had a farm of their own. The settlement of Mennonites was at Medway, a village in the Mad River Valley, near Dayton."

"On April 1, 1848, Emanuel Harnish purchased 120 acres in Bethel Township from Abner, William and Jacob Fauss... [After Catharine, his wife, died in 1849], Emanuel remained in Ohio until December, 1852, when he sold his property to Gotleib Brose and George Musselman, and returned to Pennsylvania. On March 1, 1854, he bought a 125-acre, 59 perch farm from George and Margaret Bitner, located in Dickinson Township, Cumberland County. It seems doubtful that all the children returned to Pennsylvania with him, and there is a tradition that only one daughter, Catharine, did." Emanuel died from "typhoid fever and rose from his bed too soon to attend to business in Carlisle, where he was a cattle buyer. The farm was sold to Daniel Hollinger, Sr., and Daniel, Jr., at the public sale, November 30, 1854, and deed given the following March 31. The farm contained a log barn and a stone house."

Burial: Herr Graveyard


Birth location also listed as Steinsfurt, Kraichgau, Germany.


8th Battalion, 1777
Commanding Officers: Col. Michael Haverstick

4th Battalion, 1780
Commanding Officers: Lt. Col. Ludwig Meyer, Lt. Col. Frederick Ziegler

9th Battalion, 1783
Commanding Officers: Lt. Col. Frederick Ziegler

1777 1780
Township (if known) Company Company
Conestoga Township 1st Company: 3rd Company:
Capt. Jacob Metzger Capt. Jacob Metzger

Hempfield Township 2nd Company: 5th Company:
Capt. Ludwig Meyer Capt. Alexander Scott

Hempfield Township 3rd Company: 8th Company:
Capt. Henry Kuster Capt. James Beard

Manor Township 4th Company: 4th Company:
Capt. Conrad Korer Capt. Barnhart Mann
Capt. Christian Domen

Lower Manor Township 5th Company: 2nd Company:
Capt. Frederick Ziegler Capt. Jacob Brand

Hempfield Township 6th Company: 7th Company:
Capt. James Barber Capt. James Patten

Manor Township 7th Company: 6th Company:
Capt. Joseph Wright Capt. Conrad Corr
Capt. Joseph Wright

Conestoga Township 8th Company: 1st Company:
Capt. George Radfang Capt. Frederick Radfang
Philip Baker



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 26 February 1734 W├╝rttemberg, Germany    
Death 8 July 1790 Conestoga Center, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, United States of America    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Metzger, David20 February 1704before 2 September 1777
Mother Muth, Eva Catharina
         Metzger, Jacob 26 February 1734 8 July 1790


Family of Metzger, Jacob and Rudisill, Susanna

Married Wife Rudisill, Susanna ( * 19 October 1744 + February 1827 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 27 November 1764 Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, United States of America    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Metzger, George Frederick29 September 176817 March 1843

Family Map

Family Map