Import from Charles Pawling.ged

Author Nikki Heffner


    1. Heiszler, Susanna
    2. Bohler, Susanna
    3. Bohler, Elsbeth
    4. Pawling, Fred B.
    5. Family of Pawling, Arthur B. and Blankenbiller, Lillian D.
    6. Family of Pawling, George B. and Weitzel, Ursula
    7. Reichen, Peter
    8. Weitzel, Ursula
    9. Blankenbiller, Lillian D.
    10. Family of Bohler, Gilgian and Willen, Susanna
    11. Schmid, Elisabeth
    12. Pawling, Forrest Vincent
    13. Pawling, George K.
    14. Bohler, Samuel
    15. Family of Bohler, Abraham and Blum, Christina
    16. Bohler, Maria
    17. Family of Rychen, Peter and Zahler, Margritha
    18. Family of Pawling, John B. and Reed, Emily E.
    19. Family of Bohler, Ludwig Lewis and Ott, Eva Marie
    20. Family of Pawling, George K. and Bohler, Rose Ellen
    21. Pawling, Arthur B.
    22. Reichen, Gilgian
    23. Family of Seip, Owen E. and Bohler, Maria
    24. Family of Bohler, Daniel and Weigner, Ann Elizabeth
    25. Bohler, Daniel
    26. Family of Bohler, Daniel and Heiszler, Susanna
    27. Unknown, Anna (wife of Daniel Bohler)
    28. Reichen, Margaritha
    29. Zahler, Margritha
    30. Bohler, Friedrich "Frederick"
    31. Family of Pawling, Robert B. and Peacock, Florence M.
    32. Lobach, Malinda
    33. Pawling, George B.
    34. Seip, Owen E.
    35. Bohler, Gilgian
    36. Ott, Eva Marie
    37. Family of Bohler, Samuel and Lobach, Malinda
    38. Family of Bohler, Gilgian and Wäfler, Barbara
    39. Wäfler, Barbara
    40. Pawling, Warren C.
    41. Singley, Mary
    42. Reed, Emily E.
    43. Family of Zahler, Gwer and Germann, Barbara
    44. Weigner, Ann Elizabeth
    45. Family of Roth, Adam and Bohler, Susanna
    46. Family of Kuentzler, Frantz Christian and Bohler, Margaritha
    47. Family of Bohler, Daniel and Unknown, Anna (wife of Daniel Bohler)
    48. Bohler, Margaritha
    49. Family of Bohler, Gilgian and Ryter, Sara
    50. Bohler, Gilgian
    51. Bohler, Gilgian
    52. Family of Bohler, Melcher and Willen, Anna
    53. Peacock, Florence M.
    54. Bohler, Johannes
    55. Roth, Adam
    56. Bohler, Daniel
    57. Zahler, Gwer
    58. Bohler, Johannes
    59. Zahler, Martin
    60. Pawling, Robert B.
    61. Bohler, John Allen
    62. Bohler, Norman Albert
    63. Waefler, Elisabeth
    64. Reichen, Melcher
    65. Ryter, Sara
    66. Kuentzler, Frantz Christian
    67. Mohn, Susanna C.
    68. Bohler, Susanna
    69. Pawling, Luther
    70. Family of Bohler, Friedrich "Frederick" and Goodhart, Emaline
    71. Family of Zahler, Martin and Duss, Margaretha
    72. Family of Bohler, Johannes and Reichen, Margaritha
    73. Pawling, George E.
    74. Bohler, Johannes
    75. Goodhart, Emaline
    76. Bohler, Rose Ellen
    77. Willen, Susanna
    78. Bohler, Gilgian
    79. Family of Bohler, Johannes and Singley, Mary
    80. Duss, Margaretha
    81. Bohler, Melcher
    82. Reichen, Elisabeth
    83. Bohler, Abraham
    84. Blum, Christina
    85. Bohler, Ludwig Lewis
    86. Willen, Anna
    87. Germann, Barbara
    88. Bohler, Elsbeth
    89. Family of Rychen, Melcher and Schmid, Elisabeth
    90. Family of Bohler, John Allen and Mohn, Susanna C.
    91. Pawling, Evelyn M.
    92. Pawling, John B.
    93. Bohler, Gilgian