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Name Birth Death Partner
Spotts, Eddie      
Spotts, Ella Margaret 29 October 1877 23 July 1952 Unknown, (Father of Pearl Erma Spotts), Ressler, Isaac Franklin Jr., Kurtz, Martin Musser
Spotts, Frank      
Spotts, George 1750 1810
Spotts, George Miller 16 July 1844 19 June 1924 Russell, Maria
Spotts, Harry      
Spotts, John 1786 1844 Wolf, Elizabeth
Spotts, John 1816 1894 Miller, Esther
Spotts, Mary      
Spotts, Patton 21 November 1875 23 August 1955  
Spotts, Reeser      
Spotts, Samuel      
Spotts, Willie