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Name Birth Death Partner
Hochstrasser, Barbara about 1550 to 1555 before 1580 Landis, Hans
Hochstrasser, Bartli 1515 7 September 1594 Graf, Freni
Hochstrasser, Elizabeth 1584   Sigrist, Uli
Hochstrasser, Elsbeth about 1583 about 1650 Meili, Hans, Meili, Hans
Hochstrasser, Hans 1555 21 March 1593 Eichenberger, Barbara
Hochstrasser, Hans 1557 6 April 1629 Graf, Elizabeth
Hochstrasser, Kaspar about 1518 7 November 1594 Rodel, Frena
Hochstrasser, Margareth about 1554 1630 Landis, Hans
Hochstrasser, Unknown     Unknown, Unknown (wife of Unknown Hochstrasser)