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From: ressler@hardy.ipac.caltech.edu (Mike "IR" Ressler)
Subject: Linux as an Infrared Camera Controller Platform????
Date: 18 Mar 93 02:05:18 GMT

Greetings ...

I'm running Linux 98pl5 (yes, I know it's ancient :-) at home and really
like it, so that got me thinking ...

I'm building an infrared camera for use on large ground-based telescopes
and will be using a 386/486 as the controller computer. Some DSP cards
sitting in the AT bus will be doing most of the "real" work; the computer
is mostly responsible for telling the DSPs when to go, for setting up bias
and offset voltage levels, sending data from the DSPs to a Sun SPARCstation
user interface computer, etc. The design is based on another system that
uses a real-time Unix OS, but nothing the computer does really needs to be
"real-time". Thus, is there any good reason not to use Linux, as opposed to
some commercial Unix OS? The controller will not be doing any sort of human
interface, graphics, mass storage, archiving, etc. - just controlling the
camera electronics. Advice? 



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