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NGC 1514

NGC 1514
Public Domain: NASA/JPL

In 2010, while sifting through some early WISE data looking for potentially pretty pictures, I looked up the planetary nebula NGC 1514. The symmetric rings visible in the infrared image (right) took me completely by surprise, since there is no evidence of them whatsoever at visible wavelengths (left). After a flurry of emails with some of the other WISE science team members and the PI, I wrote up a little paper in the Astronomical Journal and JPL ran a press release.

Many news and science blog sites picked up the story. Phil Plait had a very well done writeup in the Bad Astronomy blog (screen grab), but my absolute favorite is a blog entry at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (screen grab). That one is really worth the read.

Jigidi Puzzles

Jigidi is a pretty neat user-driven jigsaw puzzle website. Until I officially publish these puzzles on Jigidi, here are links to a few I am willing to allow to be discovered. (No people pictures!)

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