Mike's Mathom Collection - Jigsaw Puzzles


For some private puzzles of the family, please click here (standard family username and password required).

Otherwise, feel free to enjoy some puzzles of non-personal pictures that I've taken.

Fire tanker planeJigsaw puzzle - Fire tanker plane
FrogJigsaw puzzle - Frog
UP 3012 in WyomingJigsaw puzzle - UP 3012 in Wyoming
St. Peter clock tower, ZürichJigsaw puzzle - St. Peter clock tower, Zürich
Fraumünster in ZürichJigsaw puzzle - Fraumünster in Zürich
View of ZürichJigsaw puzzle - View of Zürich
DB train, from München to ZürichJigsaw puzzle - DB train, from München to Zürich
Frutigen BahnhofJigsaw puzzle - Frutigen Bahnhof
Hotel Simplon, downtown FrutigenJigsaw puzzle - Hotel Simplon, downtown Frutigen
Frutigen housesJigsaw puzzle - Frutigen houses
WanderwegJigsaw puzzle - Wanderweg
Schloss ThunJigsaw puzzle - Schloss Thun
Stadtkirche ThunJigsaw puzzle - Stadtkirche Thun
Hirzel KircheJigsaw puzzle - Hirzel Kirche

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