VanLandingham, Edward 1

Birth Name VanLandingham, Edward
Gender male
Age at Death about 66 years


Known as Edward in Census records, But Garvin B. Vanlandingham (Grandson) Remembered him as Thomas

Edward Vanlandingham was the second child of Peter and Martha Ballard Vanlandingham. He was named for his
mother’s father, Edward Ballard. Edward’s older brother, Benjamin, was named for his father’s father. It was
common practice for the times that the first son was named for the father’s father and the second son was named
for the mother’s father.

There is not doubt about Peter’s second child being given the name Edward, but there is considerable doubt about
Edward’s first name. In the many legal records found he has been listed onh as Edward VanLandingham. Many
descendants of Edward who have researched the family history are convinced that Edward’s first name was
Thomas, but the single legal record showing an initial for the first name of Edward lists the letter “J” as his first
initial. This record is in Deed Book B, Barbour County, Alabama, page 802, dated 14 December 1839, J. E. V.
Landingham & wife Cynthia sell to Needham Lee, sr., land 3 tracts in Sec. 21, T10, R25.”
Barbour County, Alabama Deed Book B also lists additional items of interest:

Page 1, item 2, 31 -* August 1837 - receipt to Edward Van Landingham from F. W. Pugh for slave.
Page 201 - 7 May 1838 - Edward V. Landingham & Elizabeth Pugh, Adms. of the estate of James Pugh, dec’d, sell land part of E/2 of SE/4 S. I, T10, R25 to N. g. Holmes.
Page 446 - 1 Jan. 1839 - Wm. L. Hancock owes John Ledbetter and Edward Van Laandinghani security is lot in Irwinton.
Page 737 - 17 Marchl84O -Samuel VanLandingham buys W/2 of NW/4 S 14, 111, R27 from Jeff. Burford.
and from Book C., Page 331 - April 2, 1836 - Daniel McKenzie to Edward V. Landingham in trust for Mrs. Elizabeth Pugh & her 2 children, Thomas & Mary Pugh - slaves (property of James Pugh & John ???) which Daniel McKenzie bought at Sheriffs sale.
And from “History of Barbour County” - James Pugh married Terese Hunter and became U.S. senator - b. 1820 in Pike County’, d.

Edgecombe Co., NC census records of 1800 and 1810 indicate a male of Edward’s age in the home of Peter and
Martha Vanlandingham. In the 1820 census of Wilkinson Co., GA, a male child of Edward’s age was still in the
home of Peter Vanlandingham.

Muster Roll of Georgia for years 1808 to 1829, page 69, lists Edward Vanlandingham, Wilkinson County, from
May 1, 1821 to November 5, 1821, as a Cornet (lowest grade of Commissioned Officer in the Cavalry). Page 80,
same Muster Roll, lists Edward as Lieutenant from February 23, 1822 to February 23, 1823.

From “40,000 Early Georgia Marriages”, compiled by Maddox and Carter, 1977, and “Early Records of
Wilkinson Co., Georgia”, by Harold Heard, 1903, has many Vanlandingham marriages, including “Edward
Valentine and Sethy Pugh on 24 Jan. 1821. This must have been Edward and Cytha Pugh Vanlandingham.
In the 1830 census Edward V. Landingham is listed in Pike Co., Alabam. page 6, with Males: 2 under age 5, 1
age 15/20 and 1 age 30/40 and Females: 2 age 5/10 and 1 age 15/20 and 1 age 20/30 and slaves, 1. The same
census lists James H. Pugh, Jr., Thomas Pugh, John M. Pugh, Jesse M. Pugh, Levi Pugh, Alfred Pugh, and
Greenwood Pugh, cousins of Cynthia Eugenia Pugh.

From a published index of Barbour Ckountv. Alabama census , title says “Before 1840”. page 11, lists Samuel V.
Langenham with 2 males over 21, 3 females under 21 and 1 female over 21 and no slaves. On page 20, E. V
Langenham with 1 male over 21, 5 males under 21, 1 female over 21 and 4 females under 21 and 7 slaves, total of
18 people.

From “The Hamock genealogy”, Abraham Hammock (b. February 1814) thought to have been an orphan,
accompanied the Van Landinghams from Georgia and later later married Martha Van Landinghamon 11 March

Edward Vanlandingham migrated to Arkansas in 1839 and established a plantation near Monticello at a place
called Montango. They had their own saw mill and flour mill on the plantation, and they established the first
Methodist Church south of Little Rock on their plantation. A part of the plantation remained in possession of
Edward’s youngest son Jefferson until near his death in 1922

1850 Arkansas Census for Drew County has E. V. Landingham

Birth Fact: 1794, Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
Burial: Unknown, Vanlandingham Cemetery, Montongo, near Monticello, Arkansas
Census: 1810, Indicate a male of Edward's age was living in the household of Peter and Martha in Edgecombe
Co., North Carolina


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1793 Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, United States of America    
Death 1859 Drew Co., Arkansas, United States of America    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father VanLandingham, Peter Sr.April 17642 January 1832
Mother Ballard, Martha1779August 1860
         VanLandingham, Edward about 1793 1859


Family of VanLandingham, Edward and Pugh, Cynthia Eugenia

Married Wife Pugh, Cynthia Eugenia ( * 1802 + 17 July 1871 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 24 January 1821      
Name Birth Date Death Date
VanLandingham, Mary Pugh17 July 182423 July 1895