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Birth Name Zimmerman, Anna Martin
Birth Name Zimmerman, Anna M.
Gender female
Age at Death 53 years, 7 months, 28 days


Grave stone says 1895, but both Zimmerman books say 1894, as does Marty's genealogy. There is some suspicion from Anna Mae that Grandpa Ressler simply got the year wrong.

The O'er Stormy Seas book reproduces the family bible entry, where it says
"Anna M. Zimmerman, Born December 9th, 1894 at 11:30 AM. In East Earl Township, Lanc. Co., Pa., Sign Capricorn." (p. 109)

[Astronomer's complaint: unlike the Sechrist Bible that used the lunar signs from the Farmer's Almanac, I can't explain this sign. To an astronomer, the moon was within the boundaries of Aries at the time, 90° away from Capricornus, and Aries agrees with various online calculators I've tried. The sun was technically in Ophiuchus, but the standard solar Zodiacal sign would have been Sagittarius; still,that is nearly 60° away from Aries in the other direction. So I haven't a clue.]


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 9 December 1894 East Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, United States of America    
Event Note

An older source, not sure whose, said she was born in Caernarvon Twp. I think the explanation is that the farm split over the East Earl/Caernarvon Twp border at the time (no longer the case), and that the house was in East Earl and the barn in Caernarvon.

Death 6 August 1948 Ephrata Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, United States of America    
Burial   Grube and Anna Ressler Burial, Mohler Brethren Cemetery, Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, United States of America    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Zimmerman, Martin M.30 November 18667 May 1933
Mother Martin, Magdalena N.23 April 186513 February 1922
    Sister     Zimmerman, Mary Martin 11 October 1888 11 January 1954
    Brother     Zimmerman, Amos Martin 22 February 1890 14 December 1958
    Sister     Zimmerman, Magdalena Martin 10 July 1891 12 June 1959
         Zimmerman, Anna Martin 9 December 1894 6 August 1948
    Brother     Zimmerman, David Martin 27 June 1896 10 November 1985
    Brother     Zimmerman, Martin Martin Jr. 13 February 1901 19 March 1901
    Sister     Zimmerman, Hettie Martin 13 February 1901 18 March 1901
    Brother     Zimmerman, John Martin 27 August 1908 24 May 1982


Family of Ressler, Daniel Grube and Zimmerman, Anna Martin

Married Husband Ressler, Daniel Grube ( * 29 July 1901 + 16 May 1972 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 14 August 1920 Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, United States of America    
Event Note

One source (my original database - possibly from Martin) listed their marriage as 1920-07-20.

Name Birth Date Death Date
[Living], [Living]
[Living], [Living]
Ressler, John Edwin16 September 192023 March 1982
Ressler, Martin Earl16 June 192210 October 1987
Ressler, Paul Irwin4 April 19249 July 1924
Ressler, Elmer Roy2 March 19255 September 2002
Ressler, Melvin James23 December 192827 August 2015
Ressler, Clarence Ira13 February 193118 May 1987
Ressler, Anna Mae30 November 19321 February 2012


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