This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Unknown. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Unknown, (Father of Pearl Erma Spotts)     Spotts, Ella Margaret
Unknown, Adelheid (wife of Uli Huber) about 1440 about 1500 Huber, Uli
Unknown, Agatha (wife of Johann Michael Fitterling)     Fitterling, Johann Michael
Unknown, Agatha (wife of Lorentz Matz) 1633 12 January 1698 Matz, Lorentz
Unknown, Agathe (wife of Benedikt Egger‏‎) about 1525   Egger, Benedikt
Unknown, Ann (Wife of Edward Ballard)     Ballard, Edward
Unknown, Anna (wife of Hans Zellhoefer)   24 April 1649 Zellhoefer, Hans
Unknown, Anna (wife of Henricus Luemken)     Luemken, Henricus
Unknown, Anna (wife of Andreas Hirschi)     Hirschi, Andreas
Unknown, Anna (wife of Jakob Pieren) about 1500   Pieren, Jakob
Unknown, Anna (wife of Gwer Zahler‏‎) 1516 between 1566 and 1572 Zahler, Gwer
Unknown, Anna (wife of Hans Steiner) about 1530   Steiner, Hans
Unknown, Anna (wife of Christen Schmid‏‎‏‎) about 1530   Schmid, Christen
Unknown, Anna (wife of ‏‎Hans Fuhrer‏‎) about 1530   Fuhrer, Hans
Unknown, Anna (wife of Christen Jungen‏‎) about 1530   Jungen, Christen
Unknown, Anna (wife of Peter Zürcher) about 1535   Zürcher, Peter
Unknown, Anna (wife of Jacob Rempp) about 1536 28 April 1608 Rempp, Jacob
Unknown, Anna (wife of Jakob Zahler) about 1555   Zahler, Jakob
Unknown, Anna (wife of Peter Güller‏‎) about 1558   Güller, Peter
Unknown, Anna (wife of Michael Hoffman) 1598   Hoffman, Michael
Unknown, Anna (Wife of Hans Witwer) about 1652   Witwer, Hans
Unknown, Anna (Wife of Michael Siegrist) about 1710 1781 Siegrist, Michael
Unknown, Anna (wife of Abraham Miller) about 1720   Miller, Abraham
Unknown, Anna (wife of Daniel Bohler) 1821 after 1884 Bohler, Daniel
Unknown, Anna (Elsa) (wife of ‏‎Niklaus Schmid‏‎) about 1529   Schmid, Niklaus
Unknown, Anna (Katharina) (wife of Gabriel Rubi‏‎) 1540 between 1583 and 1592 Rubi, Gabriel
Unknown, Anna Barbara (Wife of Bartholomaeus) about 1667   Siegrist, Bartholomaeus
Unknown, Anna Fronica (wife of Martin Runckel) about 1684 October 1723 Runckel, Martin
Unknown, Anna Maria (wife of Frederick Weitzel)     Weitzel, Frederick
Unknown, Anna Maria (wife of Lorentz Spatz) about 26 February 1688 29 February 1744 Spatz, Lorentz
Unknown, Anna Maria (wife of Bernhardt Trostel) 1701 1766 Trostel, Hans Bernhardt
Unknown, Apollinia (wife of Wendel Liebel) about 1625   Liebel, Wendel
Unknown, Barbara (wife of John Crey)     Crey, John
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Jacob Rieck)   Rieck, Jacob
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Peter Trummer) about 1505   Trummer, Peter
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Beat Boler) about 1530   Boler, Beat
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Ruf Niggli) about 1530   Niggli, Ruf
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Hans Weimer) about 1540 about 1607 Weimer, Hans
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Heinrich Bühler‏‎) about 1545 between 1578 and 1583 Bühler, Heinrich
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Hans Rosser) about 1548   Rosser, Hans
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Michael Egeler) 1548 1612 Egeler, Michael
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Gilgen Schmid‏‎) about 1554 about 1596 Schmid, Gilgen
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Melcher Steiner) about 1555   Steiner, Melcher
Unknown, Barbara (Wife of Peter Groff) about 1705   Groff, Peter
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Konrad Keller) 8 June 1731 5 July 1818 Keller, Conrad
Unknown, Barbara (wife of Unknown Sitzman) 1794 after 1850
Unknown, Barbara (Dorothea) (wife of Peter Kallen) about 1540   Kallen, Peter
Unknown, Barbli (Wife of Ulrich Lehmann) about 1536   Lehmann, Ulrich
Unknown, Benedicta (Wife of Peter Wenger)     Wenger, Mathys
Unknown, Benedikta (wife of Hans Rösti‏‎) about 1532   Rösti, Hans
Unknown, Catharina (wife of Martin Dörtzbach)     Dörtzbach, Martin
Unknown, Catharina (wife of Gerhard Buning) 1673   Buning, Gerhard
Unknown, Catherine (wife of Joseph Koesters)     Koesters, Joseph
Unknown, Catherine (wife of Harmon Weber) about 1715   Weber, Harmon
Unknown, Catherine (wife of Jacob Remp) 22 December 1753 31 March 1829 Remp, Jacob
Unknown, Christina (Wife of Conrad Schnely)     Schnely, Conrad
Unknown, Christina (wife of Hans Miltzi‏‎) about 1530   Miltzi, Hans
Unknown, Christina (wife of Jacob Schaub) about 1530   Schaub, Jacob
Unknown, Christina (wife of Melcher Kallen) about 1550   Kallen, Melcher
Unknown, Christina (wife of Stefen Burren‏‎) about 1555   Burren, Stefen
Unknown, Christina (Verena) (wife of Christen Büschlen) about 1555   Büschlen, Christen
Unknown, Clava (wife of Bantli Niggli) about 1552   Niggli, Bantli
Unknown, Dorothea (wife of John Martin Shoffner) 22 March 1747 18 May 1819 Schoffner, John Martin
Unknown, Dorothy (Wife of J.E.P. Moisan)     Moisan, J.E.P.
Unknown, Elene (wife of ‏‎Michael Glauner‏‎)     Glauner, Michael
Unknown, Elisabeth (wife of Niklaus Büschlen‏‎) about 1530 between 1565 and 1568 Büschlen, Niklaus
Unknown, Elisabeth (wife of Gwer Rychen) about 1544 between 1583 and 1585 Rychen, Gwer
Unknown, Elisabeth (wife of Lienhard Germann) about 1549   Germann, Lienhard
Unknown, Elisabeth (wife of Peter Zürcher 1555) about 1555   Zürcher, Peter
Unknown, Elizabeth (wife of Daniel Wolf)     Wolf, Daniel
Unknown, Elizabeth (wife of Francis VanLandingham)     VanLandingham, Francis
Unknown, Elizabeth (wife of Michael van Landeghem)     van Landeghem, Michael
Unknown, Elizabeth (Wife of Marx Graf) about 1640   Graf, Marx
Unknown, Elizabeth (wife of Heinrich Kundig) about 1681 about 1705 Kundig, Heinrich
Unknown, Eva (wife of Martin Keller) 19 January 1475 11 May 1524 Keller, Martin
Unknown, Fronica (Wife of Johan Rudolff Maurer)     Maurer, Johan Rudolff
Unknown, Glada (wife of Hans Rösti 1530) about 1530 between 1561 and 1567 Rösti, Hans
Unknown, Helena (wife of Heinrich Müller) 1544 1565 Müller, Heinrich
Unknown, Helena (wife of Jan Groh) about 1660   Groh, Jan
Unknown, Katharina (wife of Ulrich Zürcher) about 1505   Zürcher, Ulrich
Unknown, Katharina (wife of Peter Schmid) about 1530   Schmid, Peter
Unknown, Katharina (wife of Peter Willen) about 1530   Willen, Peter
Unknown, Katharina (wife of Kaspar Jun‏‎‏‎) about 1530   Jun, Kaspar
Unknown, Katharina (wife of Peter Fuhrer‏‎) about 1530   Fuhrer, Peter
Unknown, Katharina (wife of Hans von Känel) about 1535   von Känel, Hans
Unknown, Katharina (wife of Hermann Ludi) about 1545   Ludi, Hermann
Unknown, Katharina (wife of Hans Gempeler) about 1550   Gempeler, Hans
Unknown, Margaret (wife of Assuerus Stamm) 1660 1725 Stamm, Assuerus
Unknown, Margaretha (wife of Peter Dörtzbach‏‎)   28 May 1707 Dörtzbach, Peter
Unknown, Margaretha (wife of Peter Zürcher)   Zürcher, Peter
Unknown, Margaretha (wife of Christen Fuhrer‏‎‏‎) about 1530   Fuhrer, Christen
Unknown, Margaretha (wife of Christen Löwenstein) about 1535   Löwenstein, Christen
Unknown, Margaretha (wife of Rudolf Ryter‏‎) about 1535 between 1560 and 1569 Ryter, Rudolf (Ruf)
Unknown, Margaretha (wife of Hans Schmid) about 1540   Schmid, Hans
Unknown, Margreth P (wife of Niclaus Zimmerman)     Zimmerman, Niclaus
Unknown, Maria (wife of Hans Jacob Rapp) about 1607 13 December 1675 Rapp, Hans Jacob
Unknown, Maria (wife of Christian Bomberger) 25 August 1687 1740 Bomberger, Christian
Unknown, Maria Barbara (wife of Christian Reischert) 1738 11 April 1784 Reischert, Christian
Unknown, Marignons (wife of Hans Gutt) 1480   Gutt, Hans
Unknown, Mary (wife of Rudolph Gutt) 1372   Gutt, Rudolph
Unknown, Mary (wife of Christian Musselman) 1675   Musselman, Christian
Unknown, Mary (wife of Thomas Russell) 24 July 1787 21 November 1871 Russell, Thomas
Unknown, Nanne (wife of Francis VanLandingham)     VanLandingham, Francis
Unknown, Phillippina (wife of Conrad Schneider) 30 November 1731 31 March 1783 Schneider, Conrad
Unknown, Rachael (Wife of Henry Haas)     Haas, Henry
Unknown, Rose (wife of Clark Speck)     Speck, Clark
Unknown, Sarah (wife of Solomon Grooms)   after 1810 Grooms, Solomon
Unknown, Sarah (wife of Guilford Groce) about 1812   Groce, Guilford
Unknown, Sophia (Wife of Jacob Maurer, Sr.)   after June 1774 Maurer, Jacob Sr.
Unknown, Susannah (wife of Heinrich Guthart) between 1700 and 1709 1774 Guthart, Heinrich
Unknown, Unknown (wife of Unknown Hochstrasser)     Hochstrasser, Unknown
Unknown, Unknown (wife of Ulrich Snewli II) about 1355   Snewli, Ulrich II
Unknown, Unknown (Wife of Johannes Schnely III about 1424   Schnely, Johannes III
Unknown, Ursula (wife of Stephan Zellhofer)     Zellhofer, Stephan
Unknown, Ursula (wife of Hans Güller‏‎‏‎) about 1525   Güller, Hans
Unknown, Verena (wife of Hans Gempeler) about 1530 between 1563 and 1565 Gempeler, Hans
Unknown, Verena (wife of Jakob Ryter‏‎) about 1530   Ryter, Jakob
Unknown, Verena (wife of Peter Pieren‏‎) about 1540   Pieren, Peter
Unknown, Verena (wife of Ulrich Schmid‏‎‏‎) about 1541   Schmid, Ulrich
Unknown, Verena (wife of Niklaus Pieren‏‎) about 1545   Pieren, Niklaus
Unknown, Verena (wife of Jakob Burkhart) about 1555   Burkhart, Jakob
Unknown, Verna (wife of Heinrich Näf) 1388 1455 Näf, Heinrich
Unknown, Veronica (wife of Daniel Stauffer) about 1680   Stauffer, Daniel